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These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Lancia

LANCIA. an Italian automobile manufacturer who introduced a considerable number of innovations; including, the first European production car to feature a complete electrical system as standard equipment, the first car adopting a front suspension that incorporated the spring and hydraulic damper into a single unit, the first 5 speed gearbox to be fitted to a production car, the first full-production V6 engine, the first manufacturer to produce a V4 engine, the use of independent suspension in production cars and rear transaxles. Quite impressive and if you are the proud owner of one of these we know you want to keep it running its best and we can help you do that with our aftermarket performance products especially designed with your LANCIA in mind.

If the clutch in your LANCIA Beta, Gamma, Scorpion or TREVI 2000 is acting up and is slipping or is hard to push perhaps the quality of your factory clutch is not up to par or perhaps you are doing some more extreme driving off road or on a track. The propitious thing to do is install a performance clutch like the ones manufactured by the eminent clutch manufacturer, SPEC. Because SPEC manufactures clutch kits, discs and pressure plates in a multiplicity of designs numbering Stages One through Five specifically for the LANCIA Beta, Gamma, Scorpion, and TREVI 2000 you have a choice as to what you want in materials, longevity and road use so that you can get the clutch you want not the one the factory wants you to have. Because these aftermarket performance clutches involve the use of different disc materials the clamping force should be greater resulting in more torque without your clutch slipping and your clutch will be more likely to grab under aggressive shifting or clutch dumping. As you know this is particularly true if your intent is to do performance driving or racing of any kind. If the Clutch Pressure Plate on your LANCIA has grooves that are too deep and tearing up your disk or if the springs are weak or broken then it is time to replace it with the SPEC high performance clutch pressure plate and see what a difference an improved quality pressure plate can make.

FIDANZA Aluminum fly wheels specifically designed for the LANCIA Delta HF Turbo and Delta INTEGRALE are manufactured using primo quality 6061 T6 aluminum,1050 high carbon steel and aerospace fasteners that cause less stress to be put on the crankshaft of the engine, resulting in prolonged life and no more wasted horsepower! With a switch to the FIDANZA Aluminum flywheel rather than the heavy stock flywheel installed by the manufacturer you will see the difference not only in the weight of the flywheel but in your cars ability to accelerate faster.

Help your engine breathe better with a K&N air filter, made specifically for your LANCIA Y10, Thesis, DEDRA and Beta and never replace your Air Filter again because they are washable and reusable with no adverse effect on their ability to filter debris from your engine. K & N air filters are handmade in the USA and in the United Kingdom using only the finest materials and as a consequence are made to last.