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About Baja Designs

If you are in the market for impressive off-road auxiliary lights, LED light bars or laser lighting then you want products from a company who has longevity in the marketplace and has made a name for themselves in the lighting arena. Baja Designs is a company that will meet your expectations because the company has been a proven winner in the aftermarket lighting field for over 25 years and that is not an easily accomplished feat.

Baja Designs specializes in LED light bars as well as LED auxiliary lights and they have the unique distinction of designing the world’s first laser light bars and auxiliary lights. And to top it all off they have developed exceptional lighting solutions for a miscellany of vehicles that are sure to please even the most adventurous of their customers. ATV’s motorcycles, UTV’s, trucks, and adventure bikes are among the repertoire of vehicles Baja Design caters to with their designs for the modern motorcycle and offroad lights not to mention their original product the Dual Sport Kit. It was the development of this forerunner in motorcycle lighting that helped make off road motorcycling minimally street legal.

The development of the first of its kind HID motorcycle racing lights are a result of the ingenuity of the Baja Designs engineers coupled with the company’s knowledge of motorcycles’ electrical capabilities and their inherent love of racing. Another example of their forward thinking and ingenuity is the development of the forward projecting LED light bar that was popularized at the impressive 2005 Baja 1000.

Creating the industry’s highest performing LED lights is a result of the dedication Baja Designs has and their commitment to their customers to give them the brightest, boldest and best lighting solution. This dedication and commitment have led to their winning each and every professional and amateur motorcycle and TV Baja 1000 class award for more than 15 years and their impressive Laser, LED and HID lights are embraced by the racing community and are recognizable on most Baja 1000 winning vehicles.

Since its inception 25 years ago Baja Designs has been passionate about its product and can proudly say that it designs and manufactures its lighting systems in America by utilizing primo components and they do this in their facility in San Diego, California. Resultantly the company has revolutionized motorcycle and automotive lighting under the leadership of the company’s founder and lead engineer, Alan Roach. It was Alan’s enthusiasm for Baja 1000 motorcycle racing that led to the creation of a company that would fine tune the limited motorcycle light optics by creating lights that not only maximized the rider’s comfort but helped speed and safety.

Just take a look at some of the outstanding products by Baja Designs. The Baja Designs LED light bars are useful for off-road situations, daytime running lights, high power fog lights or rugged 4X4 lights all with easy installation and minimal battery power use.

And the impressive Baja Designs OnX6 Hybrid Laser/LED and XL Laser High Speed Spot are at the apogee of distance lighting and can throw light 350% farther than current LED lights. When these are paired with the Baja Designs High Speed Spot reflector they can produce an extremely tight 1.5° pattern.