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About AFCO

Over 30 years ago it became obvious to the founders of AFCO that there was an undeniable need for a better racing suspension and knowing that what they needed was not available in the marketplace they decided to do it themselves. And as you can guess their dedication earned them the success they enjoy today in the aftermarket performance industry for not only their exceptional racing suspensions but also their exhaust, brakes and cooling products.

If your venue is drag racing, track, muscle car or high performance then you will be impressed with the performance the AFCO products provide and are sure to find these will help you get to the winners circle. The passion that AFCO has for their products expects no other results and their success is a testament to this.

Their team of racers and high performance auto builders are the key to their success and their primo technical support is the piece de resistance. A contingent of superlative designers and engineers coupled with in-house engineering and design provides for the optimum in control and flexibility. Couple this with uncompromising product development and rigorous testing procedures and you have an assurance of an unbeatable product.

Quality control is certainly not overlooked at AFCO and is in fact given priority and not even the smallest part is too small to be checked. This along with maintaining product specifications throughout production means a product you can trust on your car.

Just a brief look at the impressive dual pass designed heat exchanger for the Mustang Cobra will make you a die hard fan of AFCO. The improvement in power is a result of the creation of a denser intake charge versus stock. The primo double pass design and complete grill covering will typically afford a drop in inlet temperatures to practically ambient while under boost with a 60-70 degree temperature drop being typical. This temperature drop is essential in order to control detonation in a supercharged application. And you will be happy to know that the AFCO has made their heat exchangers available for you big-time street performance enthusiasts.

And if you are in the market for a replacement radiator you will not go wrong with an AFCO radiator that affords you an impressive fit and stupendous performance. And the enhanced fin count ratio will provide your car with superlative cooling and you can’t beat the AFCO furnace brazed seal core manufactured without using epoxy.

Suspension products, the impetus for the birth of the company, cannot be overlooked particularly when you are in the racing arena and those who use multi leaf springs realize how critical accurate arch, load capacity, and durability are. Well the team at AFCO knows that too and their Leaf Springs are the highest quality racing springs available incorporating features unlike any comparable leaf spring. The primo AFCO reinforced front segment springs afford appreciable increases to forward bite, quicker throttle response, Improved durability, and a reduction in wheelbase variations during braking and acceleration. The team at AFCO did not forget those other all important suspension products like ball joints, control arms, spindles and swaged steel tubes, all designed and manufactured with the same AFCO superlative quality.