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About AEM

A company who outlines as some its goals customer satisfaction, honesty and integrity is a company worth considering if you are in the market for an aftermarket performance part and AEM Performance Electronic maintains these goals. And if you are a racer or performance driver then you should be more impressed because they are determined to give you the most advanced technologies in this arena. Couple all that with a vision of being the best worldwide and you should have a sure winner.

AEM began its journey in 1987 as a tuning and fabrication shop in Compton, CA, and went through a myriad of changes through the years and finally entered the electronics arena in 2000 by developing its programmable EMS. Their concentration on a Plug & Play EMS for OEM based converted race vehicles culminated in 2001 with the advent of the AEM Series 1 Programmable EMS. That and the Wideband UEGO Controller gauge in 2002 led AEM on the road to the success they enjoy today in the electronics aftermarket industry.

Never one to rest on their laurels and always facing the challenges of the ever evolving electronic field AEM developed a digital display in 2017 with the advent of its CD Carbon digital dashes, an impressive CAN receive device that allows the dashes to receive channels from just about any CAN-based device, not only AEM products.

The AEM Performance Electronics repertoire is varied and includes products like dash displays, performance gauges, high flow fuel delivery, wide band gauges and controllers, engine management systems, carbon dash displays, wide band controllers and gauges and a multiplicity of others so we are sure you will find something to meet your electronic needs.