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About Woodward Fab

For more than 50 years, Michigan-based Woodward Fab has been developing and manufacturing tools and machinery for industrial-grade metal-working. Their product line includes hand tools, sheet metal brakes, tubing benders, mills, presses, anvils, vises, bead rollers, and many other high-quality metal-working tools and machines.

Heck Industries was established in 1966 as an inventor and manufacturer of unique cost saving metal working machinery.We soon became the world leader in plate beveling machines. We offer a complete line of patented hand held bevellers, bench models and power feed machines.The Woodward Fab lineup of equipment was created to offer industrial grade sheet metal equipment at affordable prices. What started as a fun way to present our products and have fun attending the best car shows in the country quickly grew due to the increased demand for quality equipment and the need for more specialized tools for custom metal fabrication. We continue to expand our selection and offerings to provide the latest and greatest tools available in the ever growing market of sheet metal fabrication. Even though we manufacture products to the highest standards using state of the art machining techniques, we are most proud of our strong customer support, customer service, and skilled representatives.