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About Wiseco

It is interesting to note how many aftermarket performance companies today were formed to accommodate the needs of the racing communities, and Wiseco Performance Products was no exception when it was established in 1941. The Wiseco Performance founder, Clyde Wiseman, held the tenet that if you wanted something done well you should do it yourself. Well, Wiseco Performance still lives by that very tenet today and has been very successful as a result.

Consider the fact that Wiseco not only forges their own pistons but they make the tooling that allows them to produce the pistons, and that is certainly unique in the marketplace. And if you are wondering why this is necessary it might help you to know that this cuts down costs that can be passed on to you, but it also helps Wiseco create a primo product. While other companies may create new applications using previously designed pistons and machining work, Wiseco creates each piston as a dedicated forging for a more perfect piston. Grinding is an important aspect of piston manufacturing, and it is especially important to have the piston ground precisely so Wiseco developed the needed tooling in-house to accomplish this goal.

Another great product from Wiseco is the Boostline Connecting Rod that was designed for turbocharged, supercharged and nitrous applications. The Boostline Connecting Rod has significantly more bending strength and a patent pending 3-pocket design that is the ultimate in strength but relatively light in weight. The Boostline Connecting Rod is designed to stand up under stress, and those aforementioned applications put an awful lot of stress on an engine.

Wiseco Performance has made its mark in the aftermarket piston arena and is continually creating new products to service their Worldwide customer base so check out the LMPerformance Wiseco products and make yourself one of their satisfied customers.