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About Undercover

When there are lots of the same product on the market the key to success is often designing something that is a little different, and that is what UnderCover set out to do when the company was founded in 1999. UnderCover finally entered the marketplace in 2001 with the UnderCover Classic, a change from the fiberglass truck bed covers on the market at the time. The UnderCover Classic was both strong and durable because it was made of a proprietary blend of plastic and polymers, and the reduced weight of the UnderCover Classic was an added bonus.

But as is true with most things we want a choice in product design, functionality and oftentimes color, and truck owners are no exception. UnderCover took on the challenge demanded by truck owners for a tonneau cover to match their truck. Despite the cost in engineering and paint technology UnderCover gave the customer what they wanted; LUX, a tonneau cover that matched their factory truck color. A single locking point that controls both hinges on the tonneau cover was added to further improve the design.

Already well on their way to success, UnderCover went on to give their customers even more choices with the Elite and Elite LX with a sportier profile, more comfortable handle and available in a textured finish or painted. And there is always more to come with UnderCover because the team at UnderCover is ever on the lookout for something new like the hard tri-folding cover, the Flex, that is now a top seller. The company even went a step further and spruced the Flex up by adding interior lighting and carpeted undersides to create the Ultra Flex.

UnderCover is not one to rest on its laurels and has added accessories like the SwingCase and Jeep Brow to their already impressive lineup. UnderCover has been further enhanced by its addition to the Truck Hero, Inc. family in 2010.