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About Red Line

The average driver doesn’t give a whole lot of thought to motor oil but that is not true of racers who know that the type of motor oil used can make a big difference. Red Line Synthetic Oil has been taking motor oil seriously since 1979 so it's easy to say they have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Armed with the knowledge that not every motor oil is suited to every driving situation Red Line Synthetic Oil set about creating lubricants that were diverse and applicable to different driving situations and engines.

Racing oil and street oil differ primarily in the base oil chemistry and choice of additives and Red Line Synthetic Oil takes this into consideration in creating their products and, in fact, their repertoire of products number one hundred and includes motor oils, gear oils, assembly lubes, fuel additives and their impressive WaterWetter coolant additive.

Just take a look at the types of motor oil Red Line Synthetic Oil produces and you will see that there is something for everyone. The High Performance line is a first rate product made in only one grade and available in the broadest range of viscosity, and the Professional Series Motor Oil is OEM-approved for gas and small diesel engines. And for you racers Red Line Synthetic Oil manufactures a Racing Motor Oil with fewer detergents but more wear protection so important to your racing engine.

And we would be remiss if we did not mention the Nitro Race Oil by Red Line that will give you primo protection against piston scuffing, valvetrain and bearing abuse. Regardless of what you drive or how you drive Red Line Synthetic Oil has created a product for you.