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About RBP

With a name like Rolling Big Power (RBP) you expect the best in custom off-road truck products and that is what you should expect from a company that has been in business since 2001 and who has been focusing on the off-road truck market ever since.

If you are an off-road enthusiast and you own a truck then RBP was thinking of you when they designed and manufactured their off-road wheels, grilles, steps and other accessories. Nothing will stop you when you are equipped the RBP way regardless of what you might encounter off-road because nothing is too much for the RBP products. The unique portfolio of products for off-road truck enthusiasts makes RBP an undetested leader in the custom off-road market world wide.

If you need big custom wheels then you have come to the right place with RBP and LMPerformance and, of course, they have wheels for your truck regardless of whether or not it has been lifted. Only the best aluminum alloy is good enough for RBP and they are only satisfied if they can offer you a wheel in a potpourri of designs and finishes like machined black, chrome or chrome and black inserts.

Spruce up your truck with a new RBP grill that is available in a variety of styles; the Midnight Edition Grilles with its all black design and two black single row led light bars, the NDX series that require no cutting for ease of installation, the sleek looking RL Chrome Grille with its double woven mesh, or the outstanding RX series that are sure to be head turners and that are available in a variety of styles.

Innovation is key at RBP and the never ending search for better products that meet the needs of the ever changing and demanding marketplace are what keep RPB at the top of the game when it comes to truck accessories for all terrain use.