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About Project Kics

Project Kics Racing Gear, a name well known in the motor sports world is the high performance brand of KYO-EI, a company who for over 50 years has been providing one of a kind automotive accessories to cars around the world. This Japanese company designs and manufactures top quality products for use in the racing arena as well as on the street with the Kics Project brand specializing in manufacturing premium quality metal based products.

Wheel accessories, including their well known and coveted spacers, lug nuts and the unique magnetic locking wheel nuts are synonymous with the name Project Kics. The Universal Wheel Spacers by Project Kics, made of T6061 Aluminum, are unusually strong and their design permits use on a multiplicity of bolt hold patterns. And one of their newer products is perfect for you racers, the Leggdura Racing Nuts, manufactured with duralumin, a strong, hard, lightweight alloy of aluminum, that makes it both light and strong.

Project Kics KYO-EI R40 Iconix M14x1.25 Black Lock & Nut Set features their one of a kind R40 six-sided, hexagonal lug nut with two pieces, so that the the top can spin freely from the tapered centering ring providing a tighter more precise hold. The light weight makes this another perfect choice for the racer with its primo chromoly 435 forged steel and with the whole set weighing less than two pounds.

Need a lug nut for a tight space try the Project Kics Monolith lug nuts with their slim design and "Bullock Tusky" for torquing that can be done within the lug not and not outside. The lug nuts are of 435 Forged SCM for strength and come equipped with a special key to help keep your lug nuts secure.

With products like the impressive ones mentioned above you can see why the team at LMPerformance is happy to offer you the Project Kics brand for your racing as well as other performance needs.