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About Pedal Commander

A company that holds CE, E24, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications must be doing something right and Vitalen Auto Performance and Pedal Commander are such companies so you know you can trust their products. Vitan recognized the fact that Electronic Throttle Control in newer cars meant acceleration was no longer powered by a throttle cable but by electronics and this took some of the enjoyment of you, the driver, being in control. They also recognized that this electronic throttle did not offer the driver the same performance as the accelerator push and they did something to fix that.

Hence, the design and manufacturing of the Pedal Commander that lets you take command of your vehicle. The company knew that you, as a knowledgeable driver, did not want to turn over control of your vehicle to a computer so they designed a product that would make your gas pedal more sensitive and consequently give you a sportier feel putting the fun back in driving.

If your goal is economy and the desire to increase fuel economy then Pedal Commander gives you the ability to alter the mode of driving since you are afforded eight sensitivity levels to work with, Pedal Commander’s goal is to make the pedal do what you want it to do and not what the computer in your car wants it to do.

And Pedal Commander has not taken the “cookie cutter attitude” the car manufacturers have taken but rather it puts you in control of your vehicle. To accomplish this end Pedal Commander is designed with various modes so that you can change between these as your driving preferences change and additionally you are afforded as many as eight sensitivity levels to further improve your driving experience.

If your goal is to maximize your fuel economy by up to twenty percent then the Eco mode is the one for you since its goal is to slow down throttle response. And for daily driving the answer might be the City mode that gives you the feel of a throttle cable with 1:1 pedal-to-throttle acceleration ratio.

For you more sportier drivers the Sport Mode is just the ticket for you since it offers the opportunity to accelerate quicker than the two previously mentioned modes. And for those who are not faint of heart but want that race car feel, Pedal Commander created the Sport+Mode with the response and acceleration of a race car.

And you off-road vehicle owners with vehicles like the Can Am or Polaris do not have to miss out on the driving experience the Pedal Commander affords because they designed a Pedal Commander just for you, the Pedal Commander Powersports unity for off road use. Want to use your smartphone for ease of access then choose the Bluetooth model but if Bluetooth is not something you need then the Pedal Commander P4 Unit might be for you.

Installation is easy and connects directly into your stock throttle position sensor so no permanent modifications needed here. For a better driving experience give Pedal Commander a try.