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About NRG

It looks like you are ready to personalize your vehicle with things like steering wheels, seats and shift knobs to name a few. Well you have come to the right place because LMPerformance is happy to say they carry a potpourri of products that will do just that by a manufacturer with experience dating back to 2003, NRG Innovations. Aptly named because as the word innovations implies, NRG is committed to the creation of new products and in particular in the performance aftermarket arena.

NRG has designed products with the avid racer in mind, regardless of their choice of venue, and NRG has thought about the fact that they want to get to the finish line first but they also want to get there safely. Take for example the NRG Innovations Racing Seats that are constructed to give you an undeniable racing look yet are comfortable and designed to hold you in place during that big race. But, true to the NRG Innovations philosophy, the seats are fashioned to also have your safety in mind with hole patterns for use with the necessary safety harness.

The NRG Harnesses will not only keep you in place in the event of a dreaded crash but also will help you feel more secure in the seat thus allowing you to put all of your attention on the job of racing. The NRG Harness is available in 4,5 and 6 points and NRG harness bar will not only hold your belt in place but will also set it correctly on your shoulder, so important in the event of an accident.

Adding a little more style to your interior, NRG makes steering wheels in a variety of designs and the piece de resistance, an NRG shift knob to complete your look.