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About Mahle

There are very few companies who can say they have been in the marketplace for one hundred years and also be one of the twenty largest suppliers of automotive parts in the whole world. Well let us introduce you to Mahle just in case you have not heard the name, a company whose commitment to all things in the transportation industry is undeniable. The products designed and produced by Mahle are extensive and include products related to the powertrain, air conditioning and e-mobility.

Mahle Motorsport North America, established in 2000, can draw upon the extensive experience of the parent company and as such has become a leader in the design and manufacturing of forged pistons and rings used in motorsport. The Mahle pistons are designed with the performance driver in mind and are lightweight with low drag, and ring groove quality, tolerances and consistency are carefully monitored during forging. Longevity and dependable performance are other important factors considered and in order to accomplish those the Mahle pistons are given several surface treatments.

Mahle has an impressive line of forged pistons perfect for the motorsport enthusiast as well as for those engines with ultra high specific output. The production process used in manufacturing the forged piston produces a stronger piston so necessary in the situations mentioned and the ability to make thinner walls, resulting in weight reduction, is an added bonus.

Severe loads caused by high temperatures and pressures are problems inherent in the new diesel engines and Mahle designed a piston specifically to address those issues. Recognizing the needs of heavy duty and light duty vehicles differed, Mahle Motorsport designed their diesel pistons in both aluminum and steel so whether you use your diesel vehicle for heavy duty or light duty use there is a Mahle diesel piston for you.