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About Killer B Motorsport

If you love your Subaru and if you are not already acquainted with Killer B Motorsport it is time you are because they are fully committed to giving you a great product for your Subaru. Being able to give all your time and attention to one thing alone certainly helps you to devote all of your energies into making that thing the best it can possibly be, and that is what Killer B Motorsport does when they focus only on Subaru.

The KIller B Motorsport Air/Oil Separator is just such a product since it was not developed quickly but rather over several seasons so that the product could be tested and retested on a multiplicity of Subaru engines. Looking for a primo header for your Subaru then check out the Holy Header Max that is certain to increase your flow rate with its “s stepped” and nice sized 2.5” secondary. And if you want a tested and proven high flowing oil pickup then think about the Killer B Motorsport High Flow Ultimate Oil Pickup that will replace your poorly performing OEM oil pickup.

And if you are replacing your turbo inlet give some thought to the fact that silicone inlets have thick walls for strength that ultimately cause a reduction in inside diameter and reduced air flow. Fast forward to The Killer B Motorsport Cast Aluminum Turbo Inlet that does not require sharp bends the way silicone does, nor does it require such a thick wall so the inside diameter is greater. As we are sure you have gleaned from the foregoing this all means better air flow and better engine performance as a result.

Whether you race your Subaru or just use it on the road and are in need of something to replace or upgrade your car then check out Killer B Motorsport products on the LMPerformance website and you will not be disappointed.