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About KC HiLiTES

Being recognized as the world’s most credible manufacturer of off-road lighting is something most certainly to be proud of and KC Hilites is just such a company with their myriad of lights entrusted by racers, military personnel and performance drivers worldwide. KC Hilites can trace its history to as far back as1970 when Peter Kim Brown and his wife Carol Brown started designing lights in his garage in Saugus, California and ever since then KC Hilite has made a name for itself because of its pledge to create primo products that are avant-garde.

KC Hilites wanted to expand its product line to include drivers like yourself and as a consequence some of the same features they designed for racers are modified to create products for drivers like you. Realizing the opportunity to increase its potential KC Hilites took on some new partners in January of 2017 and set out to create an inimitable product line and did just that. Because of their commitment to excellence they have been making their mark in the aftermarket lighting field ever since.

The name of the game in any successful company is quality and customer service and KC Hilites prides itself on both Superior designs, primo materials and excellence in workmanship are part of the company’s commitment to the consumer Every part of their product is handled with the utmost care with light reflectors being meticulously polished for ultimate brightness. Light housings are designed from materials that withstand the test of time and the chrome and black housings are triple plated, polished and reinforced to protect against the harsh environment. And KC Hilites does not neglect the composite housing features of their lights instead they utilize an extraordinarily resilient combination of nylon glass reinforced plastics and resins.

The myriad of lighting products available from KC Hilites will meet all your off-road lighting needs whether it be with LED, Halogen or HID lighting. Design is not a problem since you can easily choose from a miscellany of lights including light bars, headlights, mounted lights, rock lights or perhaps a stage or bundled light kit. No worries about installation with KC Hilites because they are designed for ease of installation.

KC Hilites can help you whether you are in search of a driving light, a fog light or an off-road light and for you Jeep owners KC offers you their stupendous Jeep lights. For the Jeep Wrangler JK (4-door) there are 3 different light kit types, street legal or non street legal, and competition.

In the market for a light bar well look no further than KC Hilites for lights like the Gravity Pro6 with that ageless round light design plus upgraded performance and scalability. Or perhaps you need a Rear Facing LED Chase Bar with integrated tail/brake lights, amber dust lights with strobe capability and white floodlights. Well KC has those too.

And the team at KC Hilites did not neglect your LED Tail, Turn, Sign & Marker Lights since they can supply them as well and don’t worry about accessories since they have those too. Whatever your lighting needs you won’t go wrong with KC Hilites for aesthetics and reliability.