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About Flowtech

Are you searching for a header or y pipe? Consider Flowtech exhaust and Flowtech headers! Flowtech headers and Flowtech exhausts can give you better performance and help with fuel economy. With Flowtech headers and Flowtech exhausts, you have your choice of finishes - satin black painted finish or a silver luster ceramic coating. The Flowtech header comes will all the hardware you need and also includes premium gaskets. To assure you of top quality the Flowtech header is manufactured from .049in. cold-rolled tubing and has a mandrel-formed Power Plenum collector. You can be sure of no leaks because the Flowtech header has O-ringed port seals that are durable and leak proof.

With the goal of being able to offer the consumer a top quality performance exhaust at an affordable price, Gary Biggs, already an expert in the exhaust market field, established the FLOWTECH PERFORMANCE EXHAUST company and this inimitable company has been able to accomplish his goal since 1994 and as a result is the foremost manufacturer of value priced exhaust systems today. FLOWTECH established a place for itself in the header industry through innovations such as the slotted port flanges which accomplished the desired end of affording more flexibility during the installation process. In order to achieve the objective of making additional space for the header bolts FLOWTECH dimpled their tubes at port and in order to guarantee a snug seal they parallel ground flanges. Ultimately in 1999, FLOWTECH joined Holley Performance Products, a company that has been in the business of providing fuel systems for over one hundred years, where they persisted in emphasizing the importance of value to the consumer and additionally stressed products for late model cars and trucks, including Mustangs, Camaros and full sized trucks and they added things like universal X-pipe kits and X-pipe kits with built in cut-outs and Y-pipes like the ones on the LATE MODEL PERFORMANCE web site for your 1998-02 Firebird LS1 V8 or your 1998-02 Camaro LS1 V8. For you value conscious racers the FLOWTECH Y-pipes for your Firebird or Camaro might be just the answer for use in joining your FLOWTECH headers to your factory catalytic converter-equipped exhaust system and with FLOWTECH’s use of aluminized steel materials you can be assured of a quality product that will give you great performance in the coming years. And also for your Firebird 1982-92 V8 and your Chevrolet Camaro 1982-1992 by FLOWTECH and available on the LMPERFORMANCE web site, the Black Headers with its Power Plenum collector that will assure you of low back pressure and outstanding performance making it the perfect value headers you need for these two iconic cars. The outstanding innovations of FLOWTECH, things like the “TERMINATOR” and “WARLOCK” helped determine the company’s destiny and then the marriage of FLOWTECH with the consummate Holley Performance Products assured them even more success but the determination on the part of the company is what keeps it alive and well in an ever competitive marketplace. We also have great long tube headers here with our Billy Boat RAM Headers!

LMPerformance carries Flowtech's Camaro and Firebird Headers with Y-Pipes and can help you with your selection. As always, a great price at LMPerformance.com