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About Fifteen52

There are a myriad of brands to choose from when you are searching for new wheels and lots of designs so you have a daunting choice to make when making your selection. It helps if the company designing the wheels loves what they do and Fifteen52 is certainly a company like that with their over twenty years in the aftermarket arena producing wheels.

Having been influenced by races and rallies, Fifteen52 decided they wanted to design wheels that were styled after those wheels but wanted them to be useful for the everyday driver as well. It would help to know that Fifteen52 is the company responsible for the design of the world famous Fifteen52 Tarmac and Turbomac wheels that were designed with professional rally driver and Gymkhana participant, Ken Block.

Fifteen52 sets itself apart from many of the other wheel manufacturers in their desire to make a totally unique wheel and that is certainly evident in their most popular wheel, the Turbomac, fashioned after rally cars with its fanned five spoke design. And you off-road aficionados will be glad to know the Fifteen52 is now in the off-road arena with wheels like the Turbomac HD styled like the famous Turbomac but designed for heavy duty use..

Own a Subaru and want an impressive wheel that will get you through even the harshest conditions? Then consider the Integrale Gravel wheel by Fifteen52 designed just for you drivers who need something extra. Want that Integrale look but don’t need the extra durability of the Integrale Gravel then take a look at the Integrale for that same rally look.

If you like the look of the wheels used at races and rallies you will be hard pressed to go wrong with a Fifteen52 wheel so take a look at their wheel on the LMPerformance website and make a good choice.