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About Eaton

Eaton Posi differentials use carbon friction discs pre-loaded with a central spring assembly, increasing the clamp load as input torque rises. This balanced design ensures smooth engagement and proportional bias torque. They also feature race-bred carbon friction technology, precision-forged gears, high-strength cases, and a rebuildable design. Applications include GM 10-bolt and 12-bolt applications.

Do you need a aftermarket differential for your performance Chevy Camaro? carries the Eaton part 19599-10 Eaton Posi Performance Differential GM 87+ Camaro 1987-02 V8 / V6.

Eaton has been in the vehicle business for over 100 years and provides products you can trust. The Eaton aftermarket differential has race-bred carbon friction discs and an automatic limited-slip functionality. The Eaton differential is a superior rebuildable design and in order to prevent wheel-slip Eaton locates carbon disc clutch packs behind each differential side gear. These clutch packs are preloaded by a central spring assembly. When torque input increases the clamping load on the clutch packs increases causing the clutch packs to grab and transfer power to the other wheel. If you want to prevent wheel slip before it can get started choose the Eaton limited-slip differential.

Check out our Eaton differential parts for your 1987-02 Camaro at for the best price and best customer service.

If you were to look as far back as 1911 you would find the beginnings of what is now the EATON CORPORATION in a shop where axles where built entirely from scratch and where they were manufacturing only seven axles in their first year and who when celebrating their 100th anniversary had 73,000 employees and a customer base in more than one hundred fifty countries around the world and who is the largest producer of differentials in the entire world. When you buy an EATON differential parts from LMPERFORMANCE you are buying from a company who has more than proven their success in the automotive parts industry with the remarkable growth seen over the years and their ability to become one of the leaders in the marketplace. There is a reason EATON Posi differentials are the differentials chosen the preponderance of times by race car drivers, like those competing in the NASCAR and other races worldwide. EATON differential parts spare no expense when it comes to assuring its customers of a primo quality product and in order to achieve this end they developed their own proving grounds in Marshall, Michigan where parts could be tested for performance and reliability to assure themselves they were giving you exceptional Eaton Posi parts. The limited- slip differential manufactured by the EATON CORPORATION is the perfect answer when you are doing performance driving to help prevent inside wheel spin when you are turning a corner and giving it the gas on the track. As soon as you put the pedal to the metal you will realize you have made a wise decision in choosing the PERFORMANCE EATON DIFFERENTIAL parts manufactured by EATON for your 1987-2002 Camaro and Firebird and available for both V/8 and V/6 engines and you will be on your way to winning races. Don’t compromise your safety on the track by choosing a product as important as a differential from anyone who doesn’t manufacture the best and EATON Posi has proven they can do that time and time again and for an incredible period of time; if not, they would not be the company they are today producing more differentials than anyone anywhere. Looking for more quality parts? Check out these J&M Caster Camber Plates.