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About Dynamat

DYNAMAT manufactured by Dynamic Control and offered to LMPerformance.com's customers is a thin, flexible, easy to cut and mold sheet that actually stops noise causing resonance and vibration.

When a car operates, it generates noise caused by the transference of energy (vibration) from the internal components and from the road to the chassis. The car's chassis transforms this vibration into audible noise. DYNAMAT uses visco-elastic qualities that promote vibro-acoustic energy conversion making noise silent energy. Even a small amount of DYNAMAT can cause a profound noise reduction. DYNAMAT applied to the doors of your vehicle can reduce road noise from 3-6dB and complete coverage of an average vehicle can reduce road noise 9, 12 even as much as 18dB. Installing a DYNAMAT Trunk Kit can increase the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) bass output by 3db, depending on the type of vehicle and proper installation.

DYNAMAT can be applied in patches or over an entire area to form a sound barrier and vibrational damper. Too much heat coming from your exhaust or headers? Apply DYNAMAT Xtreme to the floor and firewall, then install DYNALINER, both underneath the floor's carpet.

DYNAMAT requires no special tools to install only razor knife or scissors, roller tool, rags and a solvent- based cleaner (rubbing alcohol also works and basic hand tools for the disassembly and reassembly of your vehicle.

Dynamic Control and lmperformace.com recommend applying DYNAMAT to any area you can reach in this order: Doors, Trunk, Rear Deck, Floors, Roof, Hood, then Fenders. DYNAMAT Xtreme can solve most vibration, noise and heat isolation problems.

DYNAMIC CONTROL has been in the business of taming unwanted noise and vibrations since as early as 1989 and their DYNAMAT products is the predominant player in the automotive arena when it comes to car audio and automotive acoustic solutions. With headquarters in Hamilton, Ohio, they have established a reputation that they can be proud of here in the United States and in over fifty other countries around the world with the multiplicity of sound dampening products in their resume. The DYNAMAT hood liner available at LMPERFORMANCE is just one example of the inimitable quality of their Dynamat products and their innovation in design with its ¾” acoustic sound soaker foam that is a compilation of cells that are both open and closed for the most effective control of unpleasant sound under your car’s hood. And in addition to that they used an aluminized bottom layer that could be cleaned and is also heat reflective and is an application that is simple to install with its superior adhesive. And if you are interested in a product that is light yet can provide incomparable thermal insulation DYNAMAT has created just the thing for you, the DYNAMAT DYNALINER with its thin single layer of synthetic foam that is packed with thousands of cells to be utilized as an insulating material almost anywhere.