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About DV8 Offroad

If you are a Jeep owner and not only use it for your adventurous lifestyle but also for everyday driving the team at LMPerforma\nce wants to be certain you are familiar with DV8 Offroad, a California based company. You might ask why we feel good about DV8 and the answer is simple. DV8 and the DV8 team are committed to Jeeps and everything Jeep stands for, excitement, adventure and a bit more than the norm.

We know the Jeep is built tough because, after all, it was first produced for the military during World War II and it is still tough and needs tough aftermarket products. But today’s Jeep owner also wants their Jeep to look good and be useful for all of those exciting exploits. No one knows that better than DV8 Offroad who keep their own fleet of JK and JL Jeeps so that they can test each and every product, because there is nothing better to guarantee you a quality product.

If you are looking to give your JK better clearance for those off-road adventures then check out the DV8 Offroad Rock Runner Kit, the DV8 base level kit. An affordable kit for giving you a great ride off-road so you can meet all of those off-road challenges while at the same time not requiring you to modify your stock drivetrain. Want to take your Jeep Gladiator off-road but worry about damage from things like road debris? Well check out the DV8 Off-road Rock Skins for use with any Gladiator step or slider created to give you that added protection you need for the area between your Gladiator door and the bottom of the body.

Get ready for your next adventure with a product from DV8 Offroad and LMPerformance and give your vehicle the protection it deserves.