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Diamond Eye Performance

About Diamond Eye Performance

Are you interested in increasing your car’s horsepower, improving its sound, and using your fuel more economically? Well then think about replacing your exhaust with a new improved exhaust system from Diamond Eye Performance. The company is housed in a 60,000 Square feet facility in Oregon giving them lots of room for their up-to-date CNC mandrel bending machines as well as the other equipment needed to give you a top quality exhaust system. This sophisticated machinery allows for tube processing anywhere from &#8540;” to 5” OD in either aluminized or stainless steel.

As you would expect, research and development play a vital role at Diamond Eye Performance and no expense was spared in providing the testing team with equipment that would get the job done. The performance market demands the best in both performance and quality and this primo testing equipment together with the expertise of the Diamond Eye Performance team guarantees you an exhaust system that is among the best available.

Diamond Eye Performance makes exhaust systems as well as exhaust parts like tailpipes, turbo downpipes, tips, mufflers and a host of other parts for diesel and gas trucks. And regardless of whether you have a Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, or Ram truck from 1989 through today Diamond Eye Performance can help you gain speed and overall performance with the added bonus of better gas mileage. If you are on a budget then check out the Diamond Eye Performance Aluminized Exhaust products on the LMPerformance website and if you want something a little better with lots of pizzaz then check out the Stainless Steel Exhaust products.