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About Bushwacker

It took an avid off-roader with a love of the sport to come up with an answer for those off-road enthusiasts who loved the sport but feared the fines that might be forthcoming if they added the needed larger tires. So enter Jerry Logan of Portland, Oregon, with thoughts of overcoming these problems by simple bolt on applications.and hence the introduction of the fender flare in 1967 and the birth of Bushwacker. And now those impressive Bushwacker fender flares are designed in a variety of styles to give you even more choices, styles like the pocket style flares, cutout style, DRT style, extend a fender style, Jeep specific styles and others.

And, as you would expect, the company has been successful throughout the years and has added to their product line.The Bushwacker Ultimate BedRail Caps are a fine example of the Bushwacker ingenuity with its Bushwacker Dura-Flex® TPO material that not only absorbs impact but resists warping and is 100% UV protected. And, of course, it is easy to install with its 3M adhesive and screw-clip system. And what about the Bushwacker Trail Armor Mud Flap, a perfect fit for the Pocket Style Flare that affords undeniable protection with its additional 10 inches of drop and 10 inches of width in tire coverage.

And you Jeep owners might want to spruce up your Jeep with the outstanding Trail Armor Soft Top featuring its exclusive Bushwacker Fold-Back/Fold-Forward design that affords great air flow to all passengers without the need of removing the entire soft top.