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About Bosch

Bosch is by all accounts a household name and their products can be seen everywhere from industrial products, packaging, consumer goods, building products, household products but their core and most important products for you automotive enthusiasts is the automotive products line. Bosch can trace its history back to 1886 but it was in1902 and the invention of the high-voltage magneto ignition system with spark plug that put Bosch on the map as an automotive supplier. And who is not familiar with the Bosch spark plugs.

The technology by Bosch has progressed throughout the years with impressive products for every aspect of life including aircraft, television and others. But its main products today are its automotive components including brakes, controls, electrical drives, electronics, fuel systems, generators, starter motors and steering systems. So, as you can see, Bosch is a significant presence in the automotive industry.

Take for example the oxygen sensor. Did you know Bosch was the inventor of the automotive oxygen sensor? The Premium Oxygen Sensor manufactured by Bosch today is made of stainless steel and double laser-welded to prevent contamination and has direct fit OE connectors and harness, so no problem with installation here.

The genuine OE fuel injection systems by Bosch are used by a variety of car manufacturers in their diesel cars and trucks and the aftermarket injection systems by Bosch are manufactured using the original equipment specifications so fit will not be a problem. And since it is a Bosch product you can be guaranteed a product that is not only tops in performance but is also long lasting. There is a reason Bosch is the leading supplier of diesel fuel injection systems worldwide and the reason is undoubtedly customer satisfaction.