• Eventuri
  • Choosing an aftermarket intake system can be a daunting task when considering efficiency, heat and air flow, sensors and other factors. And if you have an elite and high performing sports car the problem can be even more overwhelming. But the primo company Eventuri has solved all of these problems for you with their impressive aftermarket intake systems and have rightly earned the outstanding reputation they have in the European sports car industry.

    Since entering the marketplace in 2014 Eventuri has proven that you do not have to compromise design and material when creating an aftermarket exhaust system for even the most discerning customer. The founders of Eventuri, Bilal Mahmood and Imran Arshad are the perfect entrepreneurs for this daunting design and manufacturing task with their combined experience in tuning and educational experience in Aeronautical Engineering.

    Eventuri’s goal is to create an aftermarket intake system that has the smoothest and straightest pat...Read More

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