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About QTP

Quick Time Performance (QTP) is a leading manufacturer of high performance racing parts and accessories. Designed, developed, and manufactured by racers and gear-heads like you, QTP exhaust products are tested, track-proven, and guaranteed to enhance performance. Quick Time Performance cutouts, down-pipes, exhaust systems; enhance performance, reduce back-pressure, and increase power. QTP’s two-piece cam covers are designed to give you more flexibility in the shop or pits, and its engine lift plates will make working on your GM LSX motor easier. QTP continues to develop new and innovative racing parts and accessories.

The Quick Time Performance family of brands offers a variety of exhaust solutions for your vehicle ranging from basic cutout kits to Screamer cat back systems. All of which are designed to deliver the sound and power that you crave. Whether it's a full electronic exhaust systems or racing application. QTP delivers on performance and puts you, the driver in total control. All QTP systems are made using computer controlled manufacturing processes, using the highest quality materials available, and assembled proudly in the U.S.A.

A question worth considering Is what is your ultimate goal when deciding on an aftermarket performance exhaust for your vehicle? Are you aiming to create a quicker, more efficient path from which your car’s exhaust gases can escape allowing your car’s engine to “breathe” more efficiently the result of which is spent fuel and air exiting the combustion chambers faster and more power?

Is your goal one of creating a more aggressive yet subtle exhaust note resulting in a system that is only minimally louder yet has a deepening to low “growl” during acceleration? Or perhaps you are in search of something more for your racing machine, something allowing for better results on the track along with a superior, show stopping sound.

Whatever the reason, take a look at the high-performance exhaust systems designed and manufactured by Quick Time Performance, one of the foremost manufacturers and designers of performance exhaust products. Quick Time’s goal is creating premier high-performance racing parts and accessories that are bench tested and also carefully tested on the track so as to assure you of enhanced performance and a top of the line product.

As a testament to the QUICK TIME PERFORMANCE ingenuity consider products like the Quick Time Electric Cutout, electronically controlled exhaust cutouts that afford you the opportunity to open them up with merely the flip of a switch. You might ask yourself how something like the Electric Cutout can benefit your vehicle and the answer is an easy one. The Quick Time Electric Cutout is designed to divert gas before it reaches your muffler system by relieving back pressure thus allowing for more power and better sound and best of all it is 100% adjustable since it has a control switch that affords you the convenience of having as much or as little sound as is your preference.

Best of all Quick Time Performance designed the Quick Time Electric Cutouts to fit almost all cars and trucks with a range in size from 2/25” through 4” and offering low profile systems for those of you who have lowered or tight fitting spaces thus allowing you the opportunity for ease of installation and greater versatility. So you can see Quick Time Performance has the customer and customer satisfaction in mind when they design their products.

In addition to the above Quick Time Performance has developed an array of other products including Screamer Exhaust Systems, Ar3 Race Mufflers, High Velocity Headers and Cut out Downpipes,designed to enhance performance and augment your car’s power. And if you want greater flexibility in the pitts consider the two piece cam covers by QuickTime or the engine lift plates that make working on your motor a breeze.

Quick Time Performance is not a company to rest on their laurels, on the contrary, they are determined to offer you the newest and best products for your racing machine and they have the expertise and determination to do just that. Peruse the Quick Time Performance products on the LMPERFORMANCE web site and find the one that is best for your needs.