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Air Flow Research

About Air Flow Research

AFR Being a pioneer in a field and having a history that spans over forty-five years certainly speaks well for a company and Air Flow Research, the brainchild of Ken Sperling in 1970 is just such a company. The current process of CNC porting cylinder heads that is so prevalent today was developed by Air Flow and their commitment to developing technological advances and flow dynamics for the racing and street arena is still prevalent today.

The Air Flow Research facility in Valencia, California is home to primo manufacturing techniques and state of the art machinery that serves only one purpose and that is to develop top quality, high performance products for racers and street enthusiasts. In addition countless hours of thought and design go into the development of each product with thought being given to specific application and performance. Product testing is, of course, paramount at Air Flow Research and the daily testing includes everything from flow testing to spot checking.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, Air Flow Research improved their manufacturing techniquest throughout the years incorporating things like Wet-Flow Testing and CNC porting of cylinder heads, full 5-AXIS CNC porting and LEAN and AGILE methodologies.. Quality Control plays an important part in the process with only top notch products like the Browne 7 Shar’s Coordinate Measuring Machine being used to ensure premium quality. Then testing and checking assures that every product meets the standards demanded by Air Flow Research.

Take a look at the Air Flow Research Cylinder Heads and Aluminum manifolds that are designed around the Air Flow Research Cylinder head intake ports and paired with the Air Flow Research gaskets and you will find the answer to your power needs.