Universal Walbro Fabrication Hoses

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  • Universal Walbro Fabrication Hoses
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About Walbro

It all started in 1950 with Walter Walpole and his desire for entrepreneurship and the building of small engine carburetors, and that was the beginning of the highly successful Walbro Corporation. Lots of good things happened to Walbro when the company started making fuel systems for automobiles, and the development of a fuel injection system in the l980’s led the company into the OEM marketplace. Then in the 1990’s Walbro developed several new and impressive products like the fuel system that decreased waste and met new tough fuel emission standards and the plastic fuel tanks to name a few.

The expansion into the Asian and European markets helped Walbro become the largest manufacturer of carburetors and an important manufacturer of ignition systems, fuel injection and air/fuel management components, and a host of other products. This small company that began as a dream in Fenton, Michigan is now a global presence with facilities in the United States, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and China.

The Walbro performance fuel systems make an excellent choice when you are in need of a fuel system because they were fabricated to not only be reliable but to deliver speed, power and torque so necessary in the high pressure engines of today. If the part you need is fuel system related you can get it from a company you can trust, Walbro, a company with a proven history of success in the design and manufacturing of fuel systems, and you can find it on the LMPerformance website.


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