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About Vibrant

LMPerformance knows that as a knowledgeable customer you do not believe all exhaust systems are created equal and that you also know in fact some are significantly better performing and longer lasting. Since you are in the market for a new exhaust product we want to aid you in making the best decision possible and consequently want to introduce you to VIBRANT PERFORMANCE, a division of VIBRANT POWER, INC.

VIBRANT PERFORMANCE was initially established to create exhaust and induction products for the Sport Compact performance market and after having established its niche there it has gone on to become substantially more diversified. Now you can improve the performance of your vehicle with a VIBRANT component whether that vehicle be anything from a race car to a motorcycle and whether your need just a component like the catalytic converter or a full assembly.


Having been established as early as 1997 VIBRANT PERFORMANCE has made its mark in the aftermarket genre of exhaust and vibration control components and assemblies, including such parts as the all important catalytic converter. To tout their achievements we would be negligent if we did not mention the design and manufacturing of a flexible coupling that solved the problem of OE flexible couplings doomed to fail after only a few years on vehicles with transverse mounted engines. This was a significant achievement for the company since this coupling is one of the more important pieces of exhaust components in front wheel drive vehicles and afforded VIBRANT the opportunity of becoming one of the industry leaders in the exhaust aftermarket industry in this product category.

As an informed consumer you are aware of the fact that your car’s catalytic converter is an integral part of your vehicle’s exhaust system and can significantly affect your engine’s performance negatively by causing a reduction in power and acceleration and can result in poor fuel economy. We would be remiss if we did not mention the Universal Metal Core Catalytic Converters designed by VIBRANT that were developed to afford their customers a fastidious answer to your most commonplace converter problems. Being constructed of full stainless steel and a braised mantel they are designed for ultimate durability and with their unique end cap design they eliminate rattles. And you will not experience any loss in horsepower in your vehicle since they are designed for forced induction applications and are capable of withstanding up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The VIBRANT POWER company’s commitment to the identification and development of superior quality products is not altered by their success thus far and they constantly strive to bring you the best products available in today’s market and as a consequence are a global leader in the design and production of exhaust and vibration control components and assemblies. Their expertise in the field of exhaust and vibration control components is only one reason to choose a VIBRANT product and certainly an important one but let’s not forget their customer dedication, the driving force behind their success.


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