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  • Universal Torque Solution Fabrication Brackets
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Torque Solution

Torque Solution

About Torque Solution

2008 is the magic number for Torque Solution since that is the year the company began manufacturing aftermarket performance products like their primo engine mounts used by racers and everyday drivers alike. Torque Solution is a family owned business that is located right here in the USA and their product line includes an array of offerings that is not limited to engine mounts & kits but includes products like shifter base bushings, exhaust mount kits, shifter cable bushings as well as a host of other products designed to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Just consider their premier product, the Torque Solution motor mount, that is constructed of blue ribbon quality billet aluminum with the cores being made of only the best polyurethane material and steel pins designed to keep you on the road even in difficult situations. The Torque Solution motor mounts put an end to wheel hop and traction loss and come with a limited lifetime warranty. And when you choose the complete mount kit for cars like your ford Focus you will get everything you need to give you unparalleled performance as well as dependability.

Or the Torque Solution Shifter Bushings that are a high performance aftermarket bushing which will perform in even the most grueling conditions due to the fact that Torque Solution utilizes a unique Urethane that provides both great performance and unequalled reliability and best of all shifting is a breeze. And if that doesn’t convince you, what about the fact that it installs in under 30 minutes and comes with a lifetime warranty.


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