Universal SPARCO Fuel Delivery Fuel Caps

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  • Universal SPARCO Fuel Delivery Fuel Caps
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Thousands of professional and amateur racing drivers rely on Sparco every year to protect them in the unfriendliest environment, the cockpit of a racecar. At speeds of more than 200 mph, and temperatures above 120 degrees, a driver must be 100% confident in their safety equipment. Therefore, the world's top professional drivers choose Sparco, more than any other brand. That is why LMPerformance carries SPARCO Racing Seats and Seating Accessories.

SPARCO was started way back in 1977 by two drivers from Turin, Italy who wanted to make racing a safer place and at the same time add a little style and the company has been doing that ever since and have been in the United States marketplace for over twenty years. They got together with engineers and designers and did just that and as a result they have employees numbering three hundred fifty and have five offices in three different continents and their products are sold worldwide to help make racing drivers safe. Being in a race car for a long time can cause back strain and fatigue, two things you don’t want when you are trying to make it first to the finish line. A primo quality racing seat like the SPARCO is extremely important not just for those issues but more importantly is safety since a racing seat is designed to give you protection should you have an unfortunate accident and another positive is a SPARCO racing seats assists in driver control by holding you in place. But let’s face it, you also want to win that race and every little bit of weight savings is a tremendous help and a racing seat can sometimes give you the small advantage you need. Always look for the approval of FIA or SFI to be sure you are getting a genuine racing seat that meets all of the quality control standards so important for safety on the track. LMPERFORMANCE offers the Sprint race seat designed and manufactured by the inimitable SPARCO that is ideal if you are participating in entry level competition or race on the weekend since it is offers you both safety and great styling but at a reasonable cost and best of all has that much needed FIA approval so you can be sure it met all of the necessary racing standards particularly relative to the material which is fire retardant. To give you the right protection your racing seat must be able to be properly installed and the SPARCO Sprint provides you with fastenings for side or bottom attachments and holes for fifth and sixth seatbelt points so that you can feel confident when you install your SPARCO seat that it will stay where it is meant to stay. If you are just beginning to race or if your old racing seat is worn then let LMPRFORMANCE help you get back on the track with a SPARCO racing seat at a competitive price and with free shipping.

If the surface has worn out, or the padding is losing its firmness and comfort, you can choose to replace the padding and recover the seat. The base of the seat is a good way to gauge it, as it will show wear from driver changes and the like. Its up to you and your budget to decide, but nothing beats the quality and support of a new racing seat.


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