Universal Radium Engineering Fabrication Brackets

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  • Universal Radium Engineering Fabrication Brackets
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Radium Engineering

Radium Engineering

About Radium Engineering

The increasing demand for aftermarket performance motor sports products brings a lot of newbies to the marketplace but that can hardly be said of Radium Engineering because they have been in the business of designing and producing top notch performance parts since 2010.

An in house research and development team who is able to utilize up-to-the-minute computer simulation and modeling techniques.is the key to success at Radium. Couple that with comprehensive testing and evaluation and you have a winning combination that produces primo products sure to please even the most discerning customers.

The Radium Engineering designers are on an untiring search for new parts to add to the company’s repertoire of motorsports parts and accessories for your high performance and racing vehicles. All you need to do is take a look at the company’s visionary fuel surge tank line and PCV oil catch can systems and you will agree that this is a company to be reckoned with.

You probably already know that a fuel surge tank prevents fuel starvation to engines with inadequate fuel tank baffling and ensures that the inlet to the fuel pump always has enough fuel. And if you are installing large demand power upgrades then this might be just what you need as a simple means of upgrading your standard fuel system. Radium Engineering offers a multiplicity of fuel surge tanks including the FST-R Fuel Cell Surge Tank with Integrated FPR, THE MPFST Multi-pump Fuel Surge Tank, the FST Fuel Surge Tank Standard, the Dual External Pump Fuel Surge Tank, the FCST Fuel Cell Surge Tank, Fuel Surge Tanks for External Pumps and Fuel Surge Tanks for Fuelab Brushless Pumps. So it is easy to see that you can find just what you are looking for at Radium Engineering and LMPERFORMANCE.COM.

And if you are experiencing cold start misfires, poor fuel economy and a reduction in engine power then the Radium Engineering Catch Cans might be just the ticket to ensure your car is always running at its best with the most power possible as a result of having a cleaner intake tract free of oil. You can choose from the Universal Dual Catch Can, the Universal Single Catch Can and the Universal Competition Catch Can.

If you have a high powered modified engine then chances are your car is engendering blow-by oil and gases and a Radium Engineering Catch Can may not be enough to satisfy your car’s needs. Instead you might consider the Radium Engineering Air Oil Separator that will keep blow-by oil and other pollutants out of your car’s air intake and intercooler. The main difference in the Air Oil Separator is its ability to return collected oil back into the oil pan so that no servicing is required

And of course this is just an inkling of the things available from Radium Engineering and LMPERFORMANCE.COM and if you take a look you will find all the accessories you need for the above parts as well as things like Fuel Filters, Fuel Pulse Dampers and many other performance parts that will help your car be the best it can be.


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