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Universal NextBase Accessories Dash Camera

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  • Universal NextBase Accessories Dash Camera
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  • Universal NextBase Accessories Dash Camera
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About NextBase

Now that you are looking at purchasing a Dash Cam let us tell you a little about just what a Dash Cam is, how it actually works and how it can benefit you. A Dash Cam, as you might have guessed, is a small in-car camera that records everything in front and oftentimes in the rear of the driver and most Dash Cams also feature a parking mode.

You might be asking yourself why you even need something like a Dash Cam and the reasons are varied and we will just mention a few. For example if you are unfortunately involved in an accident your Dash Cam can be advantageous in helping to prove that you were not at fault thus ultimately helping you with your insurance company and hopefully saving you money. In addition those Dash Cams with the parking mode can record incidents and consequently may be able to act as theft deterrents and damage while you are not with your vehicle.

Since you have come to the conclusion that you will benefit from a Dash Cam and want one you want to know exactly how it works. Don’t worry because we can help with that by letting you know that a Dash Cam is mounted on to your car’s windshield and is powered by your car’s cigarette lighter with a cable or it can alternatively be hardwired into your car’s fuse box. Best of all it will start recording automatically through your car’s windshield as soon as you turn on your ignition and it will record a continuous loop so that each clip is filmed on a short 3-minute segment onto a micro SD card and it doesn’t get better than that.

Okay, now that you know you want a Dash Cam you want to know why you should buy one that is made by NEXTBASE and we are here to tell you why the team at LMPERFORMANCE thinks NEXTBASE is a good choice for your Dash Cam. NEXTBASE has been in business since 1999 when the company was formed to design and manufacture high quality, affordable, and safe portable entertainment systems and then because of their exceptional background in safety, Nextbase UK became the pioneers for a wide array of Dash Cams for high street retailers. NEXTBASE is the winner of countless awards and proudly holds an exceptional market share of Dash Cam products sold and that market share is ever increasing. The NEXTBASE technical team is highly trained so that they are able to offer support for any NEXTBASE product, provide warranty support when it is needed and of course carry out research and development to offer you the primo products like the NEXTBASE 22, the first Dash Cam that comes with a powered magnetic click and go mount so that it can be quickly and easily removed and making it unnecessary to have a wired link between the mount and the Dash Cam. And if you want Wi-FI then check out the 312GW, the first Dash cam in the UK to include in-built Wi-Fi or the NEXTBASE 512G that is the first Dash Cam in the UK to feature an integrated polarizing filter that gets rid of windshield glare.


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