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Universal Manley Performance Engine Components Rotating Assemblies

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  • Universal Manley Performance Engine Components Rotating Assemblies
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Manley Performance

Manley Performance

About Manley Performance

Rebuilding a 312 CID Ford V-8 engine, installing a camshaft and three two-barrel carburetors back in 1960 was the start of it all and of course we are talking about Hank Manley and his enthusiasm for performance vehicles and racing and the birth of Manley Speed Equipment, Inc. in 1966. Hank focused his attention on things like stainless valves, forged pistons, camshafts, lifters, vanadium valve springs, push rods and timing chain kits and offered these in a catalog from his facility in Bloomfield, New Jersey then later the company grew and the name of the company was changed to Manley Performance Products, Inc.

The company established a presence in the performance parts industry and Hank was eventually joined by his son Trip Manley in 1987 and by 1988 the company had to move its facility to a much larger one in Lakewood, New Jersey with connecting rods and a line of Platinum Series forged pistons being introduced into the product line. Then in 2002 as a testament to the company’s product success Ford Motor Company utilized Manley as their OEM supplier of connecting rods for the 2003/2004 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra.

Improving and re-evaluating products is the key to success in the aftermarket high performance industry and Manley Performance is cognizant of this and stays ahead of the game by developing quality products for vehicles like sport compacts, Ford modular and Chevy LS, never neglecting the traditional V-8 engine business. Examining the products Manley has to offer will offer some insight into the reason for their success and provide you with the impetus to select a Manley product.

Manley offers an array of valves including Stainless Steel Valves, Titanium Valves, Hollow Stem Valves and of course Custom Valves and they create these for a plethora of applications and manufacture them with hard coated .0002” thick chrome. The hard tips far exceed the competition’s and the valve head and under-head shapes are designed for improved flow. It is any wonder Manley has led the competition in this arena for over forty years.

The company offers a myriad of one-piece, wedged end pushrods including the 4130 Chrome Moly Wedged End Pushrods with scrupulously formed ends and exact radii. Camshaft spacers, timing chain kits and pro flow oil pumps are also part of the Manley repertoire. The Manley “Platinum Series” pistons are second to none with 2618 alloy forgings, proven cam and barrel skirt profiles, tool steel wrist pins and are suitable for SB and BB Chevy, Chrysler 5.7L, Hemi, Ford Modular and Sport Compacts.

In the market for cylinder head components then Manley can help you with primo valvetrain components including their world famous NexTek valve spring line and their steel and titanium spring retainers, steel and titanium valve locks, head bolts and oils seals rocker studs, spring cups, lash caps and guide plates. And if connecting rods are what you need Manley can offer you economical high quality rods to premium Pro-Series rods with designs ranging from Standard Weights and Turbo Tuff, Lightweights, Tour Lites, Feather Lites.

Manly did not forget you 350 and 400 Small Block Chevy, 454 Big Block Chevy, Chevy LS and Chrysler 5.7L/6.1L Hemi owners because they designed Pro Series 4340 alloy forged cranks just for you. And for you Mitsubishi 4G63/4G64 there are the “Race Series” cranks and for the Mitsu 4G63/4G64 and Subaru EJ20/EJ25 owners consider the “Turbo Tuff Series”. A combination of the aforementioned crankshafts and the Manley Platinum Series pistons, H-Beam or I-Beam connecting rods plus Clevite or ACL Racing Bearings and you are sure to create a winning combination.


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