Universal Industrial Injection Engine Components Pulleys - Crank, Underdrive

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  • Universal Industrial Injection Engine Components Pulleys - Crank, Underdrive
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Industrial Injection

Industrial Injection

About Industrial Injection

When you hear the term “family operated business” you usually come to the immediate conclusion that it is one with all the right incentives to create an award winning product and you would usually be correct. Well that is certainly true of Industrial Injection, founded by Brady Williams in 1985 who began the company by servicing construction, agricultural and mining equipment and over the road truck engines. and operating still as a family business.

But with the advent of diesel engines in pickup trucks all was different for Industrial Injection bringing them to their coveted position as one of the leading distributors, suppliers and remanufacturers of diesel fuel systems, turbochargers and engines today. Now Industrial Injection has been so successful they occupy two large buildings and a significant part of their business is their impressive turbo division.

All you need to do is take a look at the Industrial Injection engines and you will see what we mean. The Industrial Injection Race Performance Duramax Long block is just what you need to get you to the winners circle especially if you are also considering a performance tuner, large injectors and other big turbo products. Only the best is used in this engine and it was created just for you racers who were determined to win. And if you are not interested in doing quite this much then consider the Industrial Injection Premium Stock Plus Duramax that will get rid of those common engine failures associated with the 6.6l Duramax and which will be much more reliable.

Take a look at the vast array of products from Industrial Injection, everything from engines and engine components, fuel delivery products and much more and you will see why the team at LMPerformance is so excited about Industrial Injection.


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