Universal Grams Performance Fabrication Fittings

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  • Universal Grams Performance Fabrication Fittings
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Grams Performance

Grams Performance

About Grams Performance

Racing is the name of the game at Grams Performance and their nearly two decades history certainly is indicative of that and has helped them in the development of fuel injection and air induction components that have made them one of the industry leaders. But a racing background and racing involvement alone does not make a successful company; it requires dedication and a commitment to excellence and Grams Performance has that.

The Grams commitment to excellence is evident in the use of only the latest in computer simulation and modeling techniques that are then tested in a top-notch, carefully monitored laboratory with primo equipment. And of course Grams would not think of releasing anything without a multiplicity of testing including not only dyno testing but street and race track testing proving only the best is good enough for a Grams customer.

Take for example the Grams Performance fuel injector that is touted to be an avant- garde high performance fuel injector perfect for the modern car with stainless internals that can be used with any fuel and with high-impedance fuel injectors that have been modified for high performance use. Or the small and large port manifolds designed by Gramps Performance to be an easy direct bolt-on replacement with a modular design and rotatable plenum.

And you Ford Mustang owners will be pleased with the new Grams Drive-By-Wire Electronic Throttle Body that is a perfect upgrade providing you with a fifteen percent increase in airflow. No need to worry about your air/fuel ratio when you install the Grams Performance Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge with its incredible LED display that uses the latest Bosch® 4.9 LSU sensor. So as you can see Grams can meet all of your fuel and air induction needs with a product you can trust.


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