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About Eagle

Preparation is quite often the key to success and the team at Eagle Specialty were cognizant of this and for that reason spent ten years not only developing extensive technology and excellent designs but also forming relationships that would benefit them in the desire to create first class products and an award winning company. Eagle Specialty began small in 1992 with just a few part numbers but their desire for excellence and customer satisfaction led to the formation of a rapidly growing enterprise. Crankshafts were next on the horizon for Eagle and the potpourri of connecting rods grew also.

Now, the future of the company has been guaranteed and because of the search for improved designs and utilizing improved materials and manufacturing techniques Eagle Specialty has become the largest and most appreciated aftermarket connecting rod and crank manufacturer in the aftermarket industry. The hallmark of Eagle’s success is their drive to make the Eagle products lighter, stronger and more easily manufactured while at the same time considering diversity of product.

Excessive cost is not always an assurance of quality and Eagle’s ability to keep their production costs down through efficient manufacturing allows them to provide a product that is suited to a genre of applications at a reasonable price to their customers without the necessity for compromising on manufacturing procedures, material or quality control.

Just consider the Eagle H-beam rods and the fact that they are expertly forged from certified 4340 chromoly steel and while there are a number of companies who also use 4340 chromoly steel it is not necessarily all of the same quality steel with some having only 1.65% nickel content. Eagle relies on large scale material testing to achieve its goal of a much tighter tolerance of all alloying elements. Couple that with a primo heat treatment and tempering process and you have a 4340 steel that can test ten to fifteen percent stronger than average.

The manufacturing of the Eagle H-beam rods are from 2 piece forging that serves to strengthen the rod cap by acclimatizing the “grain” of the metal with the stress direction and Eagle does not use the imperfect “cracked cap” manufacturing so you are assured of a consummate fit since they simply machine the rod and cap perfectly. And we all know how precise a computer can be so Eagle uses the highly developed Sunnen Kross grinding system to give your product a perfect bore size.

And if you are in the market for a crankshaft the team at LMPerformance knows you want the smoothest, flattest surface possible so that the crankshaft and cams on your car are properly lubricated thus minimizing heat and fatigue. Eagle has thought of this and their crankshafts are polished on impressive Q-PAC micropolishing equipment and the piece de resistance, the impressive ESP Armor surface finishing process, gives your crankshaft a mirror like finish that allows oil to slip freely from the surface. And as an added bonus other fluids including water will flow more easily from the crankshaft and the result will be more corrosion resistance.


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