Universal DEI Fabrication Hoses

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  • Universal DEI Fabrication Hoses
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About DEI

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) has been in the marketplace for twenty five years with the goal of providing their customers with outstanding quality heating and noise control products. It all started in1995 with the late Dale Markley in Cleveland, Ohio, who was set on developing answers to the problems facing racing and performance drivers underhood, power-robbing heat issues. The company’s success was evident when they had to double their working space in a short time and then in 2004 had to relocate to a new facility and a larger complex. But it is no surprise that the company has been growing ever since when you consider their impressive product line.

The DEI Form-A-Shield is a perfect example of the Design Engineering ingenuity because it can be used as a barrier to reflect and insulate a multiplicity of heat sources providing primo heat protection in areas where high heat is present and may be difficult to insulate. Because it is only 3/16th of an inch thick Form-A-Shield can be custom fitted to fit in even tight quarters. Having problems with your old hood insulation well look no further than Design Engineering, Inc. for a new Precut Underhood Insulation Kit that is sure to fit perfectly with its peel and stick design for ease of installation.

Design Engineering,Inc. didn’t stop with heating products but rather tackled those noise problems in your car as well with products like their Boom Mat Damping Material that will solve all those pesky noises from vibration, squeaks and rattles regardless of the source. Its 4 mil aluminum stiffening top skin and noise constraining layer will quiet even the most difficult situations and it is easy to install with an easy peel plastic release liner.


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