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About Gates

A good reputation is important to most of us and that is not an exception for a company who hopes to do well; so it is thought worthy when a company professes reputation as one of their guiding values. Well, the Gates company does just that and they have been doing it since1911 when the company was founded. The company started small, as is usually the case, but because of a multiplicity of impressive innovations in power transmission and fluid power it is now a global leader in the industry.

And it goes without saying that no company does this well without investing highly in things like Research and Development and the latest technology. Gates is not one to rest on their laurels but continues to add to their already impressive repertoire of products.

Just take a look at some of their newer products like the Gates Complete Serpentine Kit that comes with everything you need including a Micro-V serpentine Belt, DriveAlign® Tensioner and Idler Pulley if needed. And the complete kit will guarantee you that the tensioners will wear equally with the belt so that your belt lasts longer and proper tension will more efficiently transfer power.

And for you racers consider the racing belts by Gates that include belts like the RPM® Micro-V® Belt, the one and only belt created for high-output and forced induction engines or the RPM® Timing Belts designed for high speeds and rapid acceleration. The racing radiator pressure caps by Gates are sure to be corrosion resistant and with the safety release lever you can feel confident that you will not accidentally burn yourself.

The multiplicity of products designed and manufactured by Gates are a testament to the ingenuity and drive and if you are in the market for one of their incomparable products find them on the LMPerformance website.


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