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These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Triumph

Want to smooth out the gaps in your Triumph Spitfire’s power delivery system and also store some energy to prevent the engine from stalling as easily, then consider installing a FIDANZA aluminum flywheel. A lighter weight flywheel puts less stress on the engine and as a prodigious by-product of this the engine revs up faster and releases more power. Whether you are racing or doing performance driving you want to see this in your car’s engine for an overall better performing car. This is especially true in race situations where you are demanding that your engine change speeds rapidly. The quality of the FIDANZA aluminum flywheels are first-rate and much care went into the designing and manufacturing of this product and every part was taken into consideration from the highest quality 6061 T6 aluminum machined to an ultimate tensile strength, the ring gear being heat treated for durability and its replaceable friction plate. Replace your stock ,heavy flywheel with an aluminum flywheel so that your engine's crankshaft continues to work at its best under a less stressful situation than it did from the use of a heavier flywheel.

SPEC, the consummate manufacturer of multi stage high performance clutches has one available for your Triumph and whether you are a street driver or a road racer you will benefit from the replacement of your stock clutch with this unquestionably improved clutch. If you are having difficulty shifting or if your clutch is slipping or sticking the performance clutch will offer advantages over the one you presently have and if you are racing then this is a must. Performance clutches as a rule mean heavier springs and better disc materials resulting in greater clamping force so that more torque can be exerted without causing a slipping clutch. The materials in the SPEC clutch vary from a molded Kevlar-based to a full-metallic disc with the highest possible friction co-efficient so there is a clutch to meet your driving requirements. After you carefully review the information on the various stages of clutches you will be in a position to decide for yourself which one meets your driving needs since each stage meets different goals and only you can determine which clutch is best for you, unlike your factory installed “one for all” clutch. Your Triumph probably came with a fairly heavy flywheel and replacing it with a SPEC aluminum flywheel if you are doing performance driving weight is always an issue and the aluminum flywheel can resolve that problem.

The KONI Triumph All Classic Red Shocks take advantage of KONI'S modern shock absorber technology and have the same praiseworthy qualities which the KONI Specials offer to modern cars. The KONI Classic Series makes modern damper technology available for older vehicles, giving better, sharper handling, more drivability & higher safety levels and are built with the same superior qualities as other KONI dampers. They have a longer life and adjust-ability and the improvements in design will make a difference in the way your Triumph handles on the street and on the circuit.