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About Backrack

If you are a truck owner then you know how important an accessory like a truck rack can be and BACKRACK knows that as well so they have been in the market of designing and manufacturing aftermarket accessories for your truck since 1988. And best of all, BACKRACK only designs and manufactures truck racks, bed racks and accessories for trucks so you are assured of their complete attention to truck products. It is no wonder they are the market leader when it comes to Cab Guards for those pickups like yours.

Being committed to the truck line only has given BACKRACK an advantage over competitors since they are able to employ a hands on approach with strict quality control. Unlike the competition there is no outsourcing involved in the BACKRACK production resulting in better pricing and better quality for the consumer like yourself.

And, of course, BACKRACK is able to offer you a potpourri of options when it comes to Back Racks. Need to add an antenna? Well BACKRACK designed something just for you. Or what about a tool holder, light holder, or tool box holder? Well BACKRACK has that covered as well.

BACKRACK didn’t neglect you truck owners who want a rear bar since they have designed one just for you, and if you need side rails they can help you there as well. When your sole goal is to provide truck owners with the best I think you will agree that it is a company worth considering, and BACKRACK.s longevity in the marketplace and their outstanding reputation attest to this fact.