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About GrimmSpeed

GrimmSpeed has as their philosophy three central fundamentals: innovation, manufacturing in the United States and providing their customers with an exceptional product. Accomplishing these things is no small task and GRIMMSPEED is up to the challenge. The company’s adherence to the goal of providing products that are either completely new or providing something new in an existing product has allowed them to create phenomenal products that are trouble free. GrimmSpeed specializes in manufacturing aftermarket parts for Subaru, Mitsubishi, MazdaSpeed and Hyundai here in the United States.

In order to be successful in the genre of aftermarket performance products in an extremely competitive marketplace a proprietor must have something special and GRIMMSPEED has just that. Since its inception in 2006 GRIMMSPEED has accomplished just that with its nonpareil line of expertly engineered aftermarket products such as gaskets, pulleys, phenolic spacers, porting and polishing and boost controllers to name a few.You might ask yourself how a company that in its infancy worked from a garage designing parts for Subarus could have mushroomed into the company it is today in such a short time and now provide innovative products for Mitsubishi, MazdaSpeed and Hyundai. Well the answer is a simple one but a necessary one for any successful company. They have the desire to accomplish things, the expertise need to do it and the dedication to customer satisfaction so important in any marketing endeavor.GRIMMSPEED has as their philosophy three central fundamentals: innovation, manufacturing in the United States and providing their customers with an exceptional product. Accomplishing these things is no small task and GRIMMSPEED is up to the challenge. The company’s adherence to the goal of providing products that are either completely new or providing something new in an existing product has allowed them to create phenomenal products that are trouble free.The company is determined to keep its company and its manufacturing in the United States and consequently utilizes the talent in its home state of Minnesota whenever possible. They are true to the term “Made in the USA” and are proud of it. This is a testament to their integrity and desire to provide their customers with a top notch product you can feel confident in putting on your prized vehicle. GrimmSpeed knows their customers are their livelihood and they provide the service necessary to see that they keep those customers coming back for more. One example of such accomplishments in the aftermarket field is the Subaru Catted Downpipe perfected to replace your OEM downpipe with its two very restrictive catalytic converters. This single high flow unit can efficaciously improve your car’s performance yet allow you to protect the environment with a catalytic converter and a high-flow 300 cell catalytic converter as an optional addition.GRIMMSPEED knows that the small things can make all the difference in your car’s performance and to that end they designed and developed the Stock Downpipe to Catback Adapter for cars like your Subaru. The company took into consideration the fact that your car’s OEM downpipe will not seal properly with a typical flat gasket because these are prone to disintegration from the elements and thus result in the inability to get a good seal. They tackled this problem and now offer you the catback adapter that will outlast your car. A comparison of GRIMMSPEED downpipes and adapters with other manufactured adapters will lead you to the conclusion that the company has recognized the problem of exhaust leaks and found the perfect solution.These are just some examples of the thought that goes into every GRIMMSPEED downpipe and adapter and the determination to “build a better mousetrap” that is cornerstone of the company’s philosophy. If you are in the market for an aftermarket improvement in your Subaru, Mitsubishi, MazdaSpeed and Hyundai, you don’t need to look any further than GRIMMSPEED.


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Toyota

If your Toyota doesn't have the horsepower and torque you crave it could be because of your factory installed exhaust system and installing an aftermarket performance exhaust system might be the key to more power. The type of bend used to make an exhaust results in a difference in the way air flows and an aftermarket performance exhaust can create a more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape resulting in spent fuel and air exiting the combustion chambers faster so that more fuel and air can be burned to create more power. The "crush-bend" techniques in factory exhausts drastically reduces exhaust gases replacing that with a "mandrel bend" system results in less resistance ad as a consequence improved flow of air equaling a better performing engine. The next thing to consider when choosing an exhaust system is material and most factory exhaust systems employ the use of mild steel which that deteriorates. For your FJ Cruiser, Sequoia and Tundra LMPERFORMANCE offers the formidable CORSA exhaust system with a reduction in back pressure allowing for increased horsepower and torque and improved fuel economy all of the above issues have been resolved, including the material. For the sound enthusiast, CORSA offers 3 levels of sound: X-TREME - their loudest , CORSA'S Sport systems for their mid sound level and CORSA'S Touring exhaust is their quietest system.

Another option for your 2007-12 FJ Cruiser exhaust system is the preeminent DOUG THORLEY cat-back system fabricated with extra durable 16-gauge tubing, smooth mandrel bends for maximum flow and maximum efficiency and utilizing their exclusive Aero-Flow mufflers that feature straight-thru perforated cores, without baffles or chambers producing maximum power and that signature DOUG THORLEY sound. The DOUG THORLEY Headers for your Toyota are constructed of superior 14-guage mild steel, 3/8 inch flanges and 5/16 inch collector rings and have a spectacular finish of nickel chrome plating. The Off-Road "Race" Y-pipes from DOUG THORLEY to be installed between your cat-back exhaust and headers are stainless steel and the inlet attachment is with two bolt flanges and are designed with the performance driver in mind and are not street legal on pollution controlled vehicles.

LMPerformance offers a copious array of products designed by the eminent manufacturer WEATHERTECH to protect the interior and exterior of your Toyota. The WEATHERTECH LAMPGARDS for headlight protection, specifically designed to fit for your car and the Sunroof Wind Deflectors for everything from the 4-runner to the Tundra to lessen wind noise and Side Window Deflectors , custom fit for all models from the 4-Runner to the YARIS to allow you to crack your windows in bad weather. Protect your Toyota from the elements with a WEATHERTECH All-Weather Floor Mats, Floor Liners and Cargo Liners all designed specifically for your Toyota. Again Custom fit for your Toyota 4-Runner to YARIS and perfect for any season, the TECHSHADE® by WEATHERTECH to keep you cool in the summer and help prevent frost build-up in the winter. The WEATHERTECH Tech Liner for your Tacoma and Tundra is an easy to install, custom-fit solution for protecting and preserving your pick-up truck bed, and to keep cargo away from the elements, the Roll Up Truck Bed Cover from WEATHERTECH, featuring the Auto Latch II automatic dual locking system. Mud Flaps Splash Guards for your Tacoma, Tundra and RAV 4 and offers vehicle protection from road debris and the WEATHERTECH Easy-On Stone & Bug Deflector for your Toyota to guard against stone chips and bug splats.

When choosing body parts for your Toyota, Levin(AE86), Celica, Corolla, MRS, PRIUS, Supra and MR-2 one important thing you will want to consider is the material and the reason for the addition or replacement part comes into play critically when making this decision. Installing body parts for aesthetic reasons is different from installing them for racing and as a consequence the choice of material is different. Carbon fiber parts are ideal for racing because they are exceptionally strong and lightweight and they come clear-coated and don't need to be painted. SEIBON CARBON'S specialty is the design and manufacture of high-quality carbon fiber automotive body components. For your Toyota Celica, MRS, PRIUS and Supra your will find Bumper (Front Spoilers), Trunk Panels for your Celica, MRS, PRIUS, Supra and Corolla, Bumper (Rear Lip) for your PRIUS, Doors for your Corolla and Supra, Fenders for your Celica and Supra, Hoods for your Celica, MRS, PRIUS, Supra, Corolla, Levin(AE86) and the MR-2, Rear Wings for your Celica, and Side Skirts for your PRIUS all made in the SEIBON CARBON'S inimitable quality.

Don't want Carbon Fiber parts then take a look at the potpourri of body parts available from the incomparable manufacturer Extreme Dimensions made of the revolutionary DURAFLEX that incorporates fiberglass, plastic, and flex resins to obtain its uniqueness resulting in a much higher durability rate than the normal fiberglass product and they come complete with a black primer finish for easy painting, hardware kit, and an installation guide.

If your Toyota clutch is slipping, sticking or is stiff or if you just want to upgrade to a higher performance clutch for racing, drag, autocross or rally driving consider a performance clutch by the inimitable SPEC. The SPEC street high performance and racing clutches and flywheels are manufactured in multitudinous Kits, from street kits to race to the SPEC Super Twin with TQ ratings of over 1500 FT TQ ! Peruse the following information before deciding on the best SPEC Clutch Kit for your Toyota IJZ-GTE, 4-Runner, ALTEZZA, Camry, Celica, Corolla, Corona, Cressida, Crown, Echo, FJ Cruiser, GALANZA, Hi-LUX, Land Cruiser, Mark II, Matrix, MR-2, PASEO, Pick Up, PREVIA, RAV 4, SOARER, SOLARA, Starlet, Stout, Supra, T-100, Tacoma, TERCEL, Tundra, Van and YARIS. The kits are available in various stages depending on your driving needs and are described in detail on the LMPERFORMANCE web site. Whatever your desire, whether it be street driving or track/off-road. drag, autocross or pulling you are sure to find a SPEC Clutch for your model whether it be for a 4-Runner, Pick Up, Camry, Corona or some other model and be assured they will meet and exceed your needs. And for your 1JZ-GTE SOARER Supra, Celica, MR-2, SOARER and Supra there is the Super Twin Disk Kit with near-stock drivability, increased life, a no shimming/setup bolt-in install and maintenance free operation. The SPEC Pressure plates, Flywheels, Flywheel Friction Plates, and Clutch Disks are also sold separately and are available in various Stages on the web site. Just use the drop down boxes to see what is available for your model and year Toyota.


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