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These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Tesla

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that electric cars could exceed gasoline-powered cars and now their number exceeds 50,000 vehicles on the road worldwide. The premier manufacturer and designer of products to protect your car’s interior and exterior did not overlook this great new energy efficient car. They developed LAMPGARDS for the Tesla that protect your factory headlights with a clear covering that attaches directly to the surface of your headlamps and they were designed specifically for your car so they fit perfectly and because they have ultraviolet inhibitors built into them they resist drying, hardening, discoloring and cracking. And if you want to remove those old ones for some brand new ones you can do that too, just use a trusty hair dryer to heat up the glue and when it becomes tacky just peel it off and of course then clean off the glue with something like GOO- Off or another similar product, no worries there, then just install those brand new ones. Weather extremes can be brutal to the Tesla’s interior dash and its occupants as well since the internal temperature in a car can reach up to 194 degrees and just think about touching your steering wheel in that. No need to worry because the folks at WEATHERTECH designed something specifically to help you and your Tesla in that regard, the TECHSHADE to keep you and your car cool in the baking summer by reducing the internal temperature up to 50 degrees and protecting your car‘s dash from the harmful UV rays so it doesn‘t fade or peel; plus, for those of you in the brutal winter climates, inhibiting frost buildup in the winter so you don’t end up with a cracked windshield. Storage is a snap too with the Hook & Loop Strap, just roll it up and secure it then you will find that storage creates no problem at all, with this roll up design that can be easily stored in your cargo area or on the floor for easy use and not just lying around taking up a lot of space on the back seat. You don‘t have to worry about fit because they are a custom designed product so no worries there . The Front and Rear Floor Liners by WEATHERTECH will keep your carpeting looking like new because their liners are ideally fitted to your Tesla by means of digital laser measurements and are of top quality materials. Keep the salt from harsh winters, dirt from the road, and sand from that delightful trip to the beach off your beautiful carpets with the WEATHERTECH Floor Liners. We didn’t forget about your cargo area because WEATHERTECH makes those as well in liners for your Front Cargo Compartment on your 2012-2016 Tesla S, for Behind the 2nd Row for your Tesla Model S to protect that area as well as things you might store in it. You can contain spills easily because of the high outer lip on your floor liners and the skid-resistant surface of the cargo liner keep things like your groceries from moving around.