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About ARB

All you 4WD owners want your vehicle to withstand even the toughest conditions but most will probably never face the harsh conditions of Australia's Top End and its vast and difficult topography. Well this is where the idea for ARB was hatched by Tony Brown after he recognized the fact that the then equipment on 4WD vehicles could not withstand the abuse this difficult terrain offered. So in about 1975 Tony Brown decided to try to find solutions to the problems he encountered and thus was the beginning of ARB.

Now, all these years later, ARB provides 4WD accessories to the entire world and the company’s success is due to the fact that ARB designs and produces products that are both tough and dependable. It goes without saying that ARB emphasizes research and development and uses only top notch engineering products; but additionally they utilize the expertise of others; such as universities, for things like vibration, strength and crash testing.

ARB doesn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your safety and for that reason you won’t have to worry about your airbag equipment being triggered when you install a bull bar because ARB has made sure it won’t. And ARB can provide you with a potpourri of products that have been carefully designed and tested for your 4WD; things like, air lockers, bumpers, recovery equipment, roof racks and truck racks and a host of others.

The ARB Essentials Recovery Kit was touted by Popular Mechanics to be one of the best off-road driving accessories that contains everything you need to extract your rig from almost any situation. The 17,600 lbs recovery strap, the two ¾ shackles, the snatch block and 10’ tee trunk protector are designed for use in even the most difficult circumstances.

Check out all of the impressive products on the LMPerformance website that are fashioned and manufactured for your 4WD vehicle by ARB and you are certain to find just what you need for that next off-road adventure.