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About ATI

Auto Tech Interiors Inc, or ATI was founded in 2003. Featuring a full range interior gauge pods and gauges such as the ePod with its revolutionary gauge pod design capable of housing both 52mm and 60mm gauges and features full rotational position for custom viewing angles. The ez-Pod is an overlay gauge pod system that reduces install time to just a few minutes. One of the coolest gauge pod line is the ATI vPod Series; the vPod essentially keeps the interior unaltered by integrating gauges into the ventilation system. They blend in seamlessly while still allowing airflow and vent functionality.

You may think that choosing a gauge pod for your gauges is a simple thing but think again and give some thought to your choice in not only aesthetic design but in durability and ease of installation so that you will be satisfied with your expenditure and effort of installation. When searching for a gauge pod give thought to a company that has been in the business of designing and manufacturing gauge pods since 2003 offering their customers a comprehensive variety of interior gauge pods and that company is AUTO TECH INTERIORS. Their ingenuity and expertise in the field of design and manufacturing have led to the creation of the ePod whose futuristic gauge pod design is capable of providing housing for both 52mm and 60mm gauges and concurrently features a full rotational position offering the driver custom viewing angles. ATI uses this same expertise and dedication to product design in manufacturing all of their gauge pods and this is evident in their ez-Pod product that serves to decrease installation time to just a few minutes because of its overlay design. And if you are in the market for a “cool” gauge pod line then peruse the ATI vPod Series with its ability to keep your car’s interior changeless by its integration of the gauges into your car’s ventilation system so that your gauges blend in perfectly yet don’t inhibit the airflow or functionality of your car’s vent.


Since ATI’s inception in 2003 they have succeeded in growing markedly resulting from their desire to constantly improve their product line through rigid standards for both design and production. This dedication has resulted in their becoming OEM suppliers to many of the world’s premier brands, an achievement they can be proud of and that can give you assurance of the quality of their products. ATI does not rest on its laurels but instead they devote their energies on the creation, designing and manufacturing of even more innovative products like the ePod, vPod and ez-Pod so that they can provide the most advanced automotive aftermarket gauge pods available. They can accomplish this far-reaching goal by designing all of their products in-house devoting most of their time to research, punctilious selection of materials and

scrupulous testing while at the same time working closely with their customers assuring adherence to customers needs and welcoming ideas, feedback and recommendations from the customers they service. ATI has customer satisfaction and the fulfillment of customer’s needs as their primary directive and as a result they have been able to compete aggressively in the performance aftermarket industry assuring them a successful place in this highly competitive marketplace. Their open communications and sound relationships with their distributors have served them well and have resulted in the best products they can bring to the forefront of the market. If you are considering a gauge pod for your performance vehicle and want one that is stylish then take a look at the gauge pods from ATI and LMPERFORMANCE and let us help fill your gauge pod needs.


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Subaru

Your factory installed exhaust leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to performance and replacing it with an aftermarket performance exhaust is the answer. LMPERFORMANCE has several manufacturers for you to choose so that you can get the exhaust system you want and at the price you can afford. The INVIDIA Exhaust System for your Subaru offers a good balance of price and performance and the quality of construction is very good with high grade Stainless Steel, a nice exhaust flow because of the mandrel-bending for maximum exhaust with reduced back pressure. The system is designed to give strong mid to top-end power gains, as well as an increase in horsepower and torque, INVIDIA Exhausts feature available Titanium Burnt Blue Exhaust Tips as well as full Stainless Steel Full exhaust systems.

For your Subaru IMPREZA take a look at B &B, Billy Boat exhaust systems, another top-of-the line company with a superb product made from top quality stainless and uninterrupted exhaust flow as a result of the mandrel bending in its pipes and the premium stainless steel flanges, hangers, resonators, and tips resist corrosion.

The BORLA line of exhausts for your Subaru is a free-flow exhaust system manufactured with aircraft-quality stainless steel throughout and is a bolt-on easy application that delivers a fantastic sound, stupendous performance gains and enhanced fuel economy and all BORLA street products carry an unsurpassed written million-mile warranty.

EBC Brake pads and rotors for your Subaru do not contain any heavy metals and sulfides and their Orange Stuff Full Race Brake Pads are the ultimate solution for medium to longer faces because they have a factory pre-scorched surface, high friction level, is stable at extreme temperatures, provides less rotor/disc damage and is also street usable because it is effective from cold. You can never be to safe on the track and these brakes perform well in that environment since they are specifically designed for that use.

Coil-over shocks, one of the most important components for great handling, are particularly critical if you are using your car at the track or for performance driving and the EIBACH Coil-over kits are ideal for these situations. The EIBACH Double Adjustable and Single Adjustable rebound kits for your Subaru are top-of-the-line for performance because you can tune the corner weights to achieve the most advantageous balance and it has a mono tube design for maximum street and track performance.

Performance enhancements are not complete unless you consider your shocks and the stock shocks just don't cut it for the grueling demands of performance driving and that is where SPEC comes into play. SPEC clutches are designed with the performance driving in mind and are manufactured in varying stages so that you can select the one that meets your needs and they are available in a full Clutch Kit or individual replacement parts of just clutch disks, clutch pressure plates, flywheels and flywheel friction plates. The SPEC Mini Twin Clutch kit for your IMPREZA are available in varying materials, clamp loads, diameters and clamp loads and can be rebuilt.


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