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These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your SL-C

As the proud owner of the super light SL-C Rapier ASPIRA we know you have put a lot of thought and effort into your can and want the best in not only appearance but also in performance, particularly if you intend to use it on the track. Since the clutch in your SL-C Rapier ASPIRA is the first component of your car's power train and since it has a tremendously responsible function, engaging and disengaging the engine's power, we know you want a top quality clutch and SPEC, a preeminent manufacturer of performance clutches, can meet your clutch needs. Whether you are in the market for a full clutch kit or one of the important parts like the flywheel or pressure, SPEC will meet your expectations when it comes to performance and durability. The array of designs and compilations of materials in their Stage 1 through Stage 5 clutch kits and parts make it easy to find the one to suit you. When manufacturing flywheels SPEC takes into consideration your driving conditions and how your SL-C reacts to rotational mass changes and they alone are produced at an incredible .001 machine tolerance guarantying a flat seating surface and smooth rotational characteristics for ideal balance and added engine life. For the racing enthusiasts or performance driver such as yourself performance clutches with heavier springs and premium quality materials are essential because heavier springs equal more clamping force and better torque and the SPEC aluminum pressure plate will provide an exceptional increase in clamp load meaning you get quicker revs, more horsepower and increased engine reliability. If the flywheel friction plate on your flywheel is warped or scorched it can lead to gear slippage, a burnt smell, or intense rumbling or vibration when you use your clutch or clutch drag wherein your clutch will not properly release, so if you are experiencing any of these things it is time to check your flywheel. You may only need a flywheel friction plate and if that is the case SPEC has the one for you and if you need the whole flywheel that is available as well. You may just be in the market for a clutch disc and don’t need the whole clutch kit and that’s alright because SPEC can supply that as well, just remember if you are racing then buy a disc that is designed for racing applications and with the right heat resistant materials and you can get all that with a SPEC clutch disc. These allow you to shift quickly and smoothly so that you can immediately accelerate and think about how important that is in a race, you are doing it constantly. Low quality material in a racing clutch will wear out very quickly so in the end you are really not saving any money and you are compromising your performance in the bargain - look for quality from the start and perform better on the track and have a clutch that lasts longer - buy a SPEC clutch designed with the racer in you in mind.