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These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Skoda

Exhaust systems and performance mufflers don’t add power – they improve efficiency and that means your Skoda engine gets as much energy as possible. By replacing your Skoda exhaust system and muffler with a performance system you might improve power by as much as three percent and if you drive the exact same way you did before the installation, you’ll see a three percent improvement in fuel economy. For Skoda custom muffler needs, FLOWMASTER, whose mufflers give top notch performance and great sound levels and tones. FLOWMASTER is especially noted for their FLOWMASTER 40 series muffler, with its original FLOWMASTER sound and tone and they create a line of high-performance "chambered" mufflers renowned in the industry.

Never Replace Your Skoda Air Filter Again with the K & N OE replacement air filter because they are washable and reusable and regardless of what you’ve heard, it’s almost impossible to wash your K&N Air Filter too much. The E Series Round Air filter for your Skoda are made of cotton gauze, have exceptionally high air flow and filtration, need cleaning only after 50,000 miles in most cases and comes with a million mile limited warranty.

The catalytic converter in your Skoda vehicle can become faulty as a result of damage by leaded fuel or some additives which gather on the ceramic coating rendering them useless and in need of replacement In order to have this fixed by your dealer you will be presented with quite a bill but consider doing it yourself with an aftermarket converter. To be a do-it-yourselfer you should consider first the type of emissions system you have in your Skoda and this information can be found under the hood or near the firewall area behind the engine. The state you will register your Skoda in should be considered because states vary when it comes to emission requirements. It is also expedient to know what type of emission was on your Skoda from the factory by checking the sticker under your hood, for off-road use only on your Skoda try the Stainless Works 3-inch Metal Matrix Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter. The Hi-Flow Metal Matrix 200 cell Catalytic Converter. 10-3/4" overall length with 4" Body diameter, 3" ID inlet and 3" OD outlet are the highest flowing, most durable cats on the market. These cats are recommended for high horsepower, nitrous, supercharged and turbo charged applications.

For better performance when shifting whether on the street or at the track replace your old clutch with a new clutch from SPEC, whether your need is for a full clutch kit or clutch disk clutch pressure plate, flywheel friction plate or flywheel you can' get better than SPEC for your Octavia, 1U, 1Z, or Superb. You can make the clutch meet your driving habits rather than having to conform to the stock driving habits forced upon you by your manufacturer's brand clutch. For those of you who race you know the clutch needs to be able to grab well during launch if it isn't then you need heavier clamping force and Spec gives that to you.