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These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Seat

If your the clutch on your Seat Alhambra, ALTEA, Cordoba, Ibiza II, IBIIZA III, Ibiza IV, Leon, Toledo II or Toledo III is getting excessive use, such as on a race day or if it is beginning to fail and has a hard time grabbing, SPEC, the paradisiacal Manufacturer of street high performance and racing clutches and flywheels, can meet one of your clutch needs with their Stage 1 to 5 clutch kits, clutch disks, clutch twin disk kits, pressure plates, flywheels and flywheel friction plates The Spec Mini Twin Clutch Kit for your Seat Alhambra, Cordoba, Ibiza II, IBIIZA III, Ibiza IV, and Toledo II comes with the clutch/pressure plate assembly, flywheel and the tool you need for alignment. The Mini is lighter than the Super Twin and as a result will shift more quickly, the torque capacity is 800lb/ft. to get you off to a racing start and best of all the pedal feel and feedback are adjustable but it is not recommended for street driving.

A K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit for your Seat Ibiza, Leon, Cordoba and AROZA is a vast improvement over the stock filter in your car by virtue of the fact that it replaces your restrictive factory box with a less restrictive system and provides a much larger air filter size with the end result being an increase in acceleration and horsepower. The K&N Typhoon Air Intake System for the Ibiza and Leon are designed with the sports compact and muscle car in mind, boosting both horsepower and torque since they come with that K&N oversize conical filter that provides additional area for dust accumulation. Like all the K&N filters they are washable and can be used over and over again and have that million mile limited warranty.

The Innovate Multi-Sensor Device (aux box) for your Seat car can provide five channels of data with five internal sensors for Manifold Air Pressure, Cylinder Head Temperature, Exhaust Gas Temperature, RPM Conversion, Acceleration and Injector Duty Cycle but the LMA-3 may also be used as a standalone 5 channel MTS compatible input device. The Aux Box can also be used for road testing using the Log Works application by Innovate.

The replacement seats by CORBEAU is the perfect seat for your Seat vehicle whether you just want comfort as a daily driver or on the track and comes in a variety of configurations: reclining, fixed back, suspension and bench seats and generally require seat brackets because of the variety of floor pans. For racers install harness belts available in two point belts that are just lap belts, three point that have three mounting points and two shoulder straps, four point with four mounting points and two lap points and two points behind the seat, five point with five mounting points and two lap points and two behind the seats and an additional one between your legs.

You can choose materials when you choose your CORBEAU seat since they are available in a variety of materials including micro suede, cloth, vinyl , leather and neoprene - lots of choices and several color combinations too.