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About AVO

Well you are here so that means you are the proud owner of a Subaru and that you are considering outfitting it with aftermarket performance parts and we are here to help you do just that. Well let’s start by introducing you to the parts available from AVO TURBOWORLD, as the name implies, a worldwide provider of parts that make your Subaru primo. Since AVO concentrates its efforts on the Subaru models primarily they are able to give you a quality product designed just for your model car.

Let’s take a look at the AVO TURBOCHARGER kit that was produced for you RHD AND LHD owners regardless of your home country because the testing by AVO was done on both the Japanese and the US model so that you would have a product applicable to your needs. And although the Japanese BRZ was track tested from onset be assured that the US product was as diligently tested for sixteen months and for as much as 25,000 miles. And to be sure of a quality product AVO saw to it that the conditions for the testing ranged from 6000 feet and 0 degrees temperatures to seal level and below in the desert. And because AVO knows their American market they tested at 91 and 92 octane pump gas so that daily driving was considered as well as track driving.

Maybe you are upgrading your stock car to a bigger turbocharger, intercooler or exhaust and are cognizant of the fact that you will certainly require greater airflow than you get from your stock Tumble Generator Valve. As I am sure you know this part is the flapper valve that creates a “tumble” effect to the air entering your engine and is only there for cold start emission standards.

But now that you are upgrading or have upgraded with one of the above you will need more airflow and you might want to consider the AVO direct replacement for the entire Tumble Generator Valve assembly in your Subaru, the AVO TGV DELETE, that not only removes the existing Tumble Generator Valve to provide greater airflow but was designed to afford those Subaru owners with larger turbochargers more badly needed space.

AVO had your Subaru in mind when they put their team to work to offer you increased airflow for your Subaru whether it has the stock turbocharger or an enhanced system and as a result of their efforts they now offer you the AVO Silicone Inlet Pipes. These excellent pipes were designed by AVO not only to offer increased airflow but to be durable so they are multi-layer reinforced with wire reinforced inlets. So you can see that AVO recognizes the need for customer satisfaction and developed a product to assure you of that. And because AVO knows you like to dress up your vehicle they offer these terrific pipes in three colors so that you can personalize your engine bay,

When you consider the fact that AVO manufactures parts for the world but still takes into consideration factors applicable to your home country you can easily conclude that they are a company whose goal is to give you a stellar product and are a company worth considering when you are in search of a SUBARU performance part.


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Scion

The Team at LMPerformance has amassed a compilation of parts for your Scion BRZ, IQ, XA, FR-S, FRS, TC, XA/XB, XD, TS and XB at an affordable price and inestimable quality. Parts like the r2013-2016 Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ DURAFLEX 86-R Front Bumper Cover by Extreme Dimensions with DURAFLEX, a cutting-edge line of aerodynamic parts fabricated with an aggregation of fiberglass, plastic, and flex resins to obtain sui generis features that give DURAFLEX aero parts outstanding durability. DURAFLEX aero comes in a total package with a black primer finish for easy painting, high quality mesh grille where applicable, hardware kit, and general installation guide. For a total performance upgrade to your FR-S, FRS, TC, a, XB and XD give consideration to a Full Body Kit by DURAFLEX with parts numbering anywhere from 16 to 4 so that you can do as much or as little as you need for aerodynamic performance or just for great looks.

Your street and race car deserves the best and Spec, the preeminent Manufacturer of street high performance and racing clutches and flywheels is available for your Scion in all five stages and should be selected based on your driving needs and desire for longevity with particular attention paid to racing situations that are much more demanding on clutches in general.

For the Scion owner who wants nothing but the best there is the KONI Sport Suspension Kit for unparalleled road-holding in an extraordinary range of kits. The KONI Sport Suspension Kits consist of matching KONI Sport Shocks and KONI Sport Springs and these kits will give the car absolutely resplendent road-holding qualities and the looks of a genuine sports car.

To upgrade your stock exhaust system in your Scion FR-S you have available to you the inimitable BORLA brand Rear Section Exhaust that is guaranteed to provide top-of-the-line quality, unbelievable sound and performance gains. The Rear Section Exhaust System comes with a pipe diameter of 2.5 inches into the muffler and dual 2" out, tip size 4.5" and single round rolled angle-cut phantom, tip number 95, exit single split rear exit and it is installed by welding. The Scion FR-S cat-back system from BORLA has a single 2.5" pipe into and dual 2" pipe leading out with a tip size of 4.25 inches and single round rolled angle-cut phantom tip number 37 and a single split rear exit. For the TC there is the Rear Section that increases flow and reduces weight with a 2.25" pipe and oversized oval tip.

The MISHIMOTO Aluminum Radiator for your TC is the right choice when upgrading or replacing your Scion radiator because of its light weight and extraordinary quality it is perfect for the everyday driver and the racing enthusiast. Manufactured to provide 25% more cooling capacity they are designed to keep your engine its coolest with a 100 percent brazed aluminum core, tig welding, a magnetic drain plug to trap debris and a radiator cap that is rated at 19 lbs. to prevent leaks.

The INVIDIA exhaust for your FR-S comes with single layer stainless steel or titanium tips and with rolled stainless steel or titanium tips and is also available in a Racing Single Outlet Full Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust. The INVIDIA Titanium C-Back Exhaust for your FR-S are completely constructed of titanium for an ultra lightweight application and are direct bolt application - just what you need for performance on the track.


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