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Mini King Engine Bearings

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King Engine Bearings

King Engine Bearings

About King Engine Bearings

If your company has as its hallmark the desire to make zero mistakes and to give its consumers a product that is the best in the marketplace then their products bear consideration and King Engine Bearings is just such a company. Their position on quality of product has not changed since their inception in 1960 when they began producing engine bearings for automobiles, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and many other types of internal combustion engines.

King Engine Bearings can promise you a primo bearing because they have complete control over their products from its inception and choice of raw materials to the packaging and delivery stage with no room for error. By specializing in engine bearings King Engine Bearings has been able to afford you with a comprehensive array of bearing products all manufactured only using the most progressive designs and primo materials, no shortcuts with King Bearings.

The aviation and racing industries are so confident of the quality of King Bearings that they have made them the first choice when the need for bearings arises and in order to meet such demanding customers King Engine Bearings took it upon themselves to redesign their entire manufacturing process. As a result King Engine Bearings became a pathfinder in the development of proprietary manufacturing machinery and multi-function high speed production lines, all to afford you a top-notch product.

Let us just mention a few of the attributes of products like the amazing King Engine Race Bearings; such as, their pMax-Black™ tri-metal structure and the impressive pMaxKote™ with its nano-composite polymer coating that will help you will achieve 24% greater load capacity and 17% more fatigue resistance and their Bulls Eye Tolerance™ that eliminates the need to “fish’ for the right clearance and with Eccentrix™ you will get better oil wedge formation for a more stable hydrodynamic lubrication regime; and the list goes on. All designed to give you the perfect engine bearing whether for racing or otherwise.

The complete line of King Engine Bearings including balance shaft, cam, main, performance and rod bearings as well as thrust washers are made with the same car as those designed for the aviation and racing arenas.


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Mini

The original Mini was a line of iconic British small cars manufactured by the British Motor Corporation from 1959 until 2000 with models like the Morris Mini-Minor and the Austin Seven, the Countryman, Moke,1275GT and Clubman and the Performance versions Cooper, named for racing legend John Cooper. The original two-door Mini continued in production until 2000. The Mini was originally a product of the British Motor and was ultimately purchased by BMW. In 2000. LMPerformance has the parts you need for your Mini Clubman, Cooper, Countryman, Hardtop, Mini, Mini S, Roadster, PACEMAN, John Cooper Works, and Cooper S.

If you want a better ride on your Mini Cooper S try the aftermarket performance B&G Suspension Sport Lowering Springs fabricated to improve handling while maintaining safety and ride quality because they are wound from high tensile Chromium-Silicone wire, cold wound on CNC coilers, heat treated and shot peened for longevity; and finished with phosphate treatment and a baked on resin powder coating for a hard corrosion resistant shell. The center of gravity was lowered by .5 to 2.5 inches on these springs and they have a progressive spring rate design to improved ride quality and handling.

Coilovers, springs that go over your shocks, permit the lowering of your vehicle and as a result help to lessen body roll. The R1 and R2 Coil-Over Kits for your Clubman and Cooper from the esteemed manufacture EIBACH are a mono tube design with 46mm pistons for maximum performance, bodies that are stainless steel to resist corrosion and provide durability and spring rates that can be tuned with a wide range of available ERS Springs. The EIBACH coil-over kits, unlike springs, allow you to tune each corner weight precisely for unprecedented balance affording the ultimate in cornering power and also offering a range of damping adjustments for comfort - perfect for racers and performance drivers. For still finer performance driving and to further reduce body roll install ANTI-ROLL performance Sway Bars from EIBACH that are much stiffer than your stock sway bar and result in improved performance handling and corner gripping. For the Cooper and Clubman who only want a great looking car for street driving, Lowering Springs from EIBACH can serve to make your car have that muscle car look and also result in reducing the total drag on your vehicle for better performance and greater fuel economy.

Better aerodynamics, a great look, improved performance are all a result of adding body parts to your Mini Cooper especially from the outstanding DURAFLEX brand. For a great look add a Roof Wing Spoiler or for better aerodynamics and to improve down force levels choose a Body Skirt or a Rear Diffuser or a Full Body Kit; all made with the inimitable DURAFLEX combination of flex resins, plastic and fiberglass for the ultimate in durability.

Unrestricted air flow equals better performance and you can have that for your Cooper with a primo BORLA Exhaust System, designed specifically for your vehicle with outstanding quality stainless steel inside and out, a less restrictive system, exclusive Inter-cooled Tips and installation that is doable in about two hours


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