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About Bilstein

Shock absorbers. What do they do? The shock absorbers reduce and slow down the vibrations from the springs. LMPerformance chose BILSTEIN Sport Shocks for its customers because when you buy BILSTEIN Shocks, you know the brand is a recognized name in the field of suspension design.

The mono-tube gas pressure technology was developed by BILSTEIN Sport Shocks and remains the standard in automotive construction. Buy BILSTEIN Shocks for technology that involves the keeping of the oil in the absorber under pressure, preventing it from foaming when temperatures and loads are increasing. The BILSTEIN technology gives the vehicle a high level of traction and more precise handling.

The BILSTEIN company produces mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers and twin-tube shock absorbers. The BILSTEIN mono-tube gas pressure shock is first in motorsports and series-production sports car because It provides a large effective surface on the working piston. This results in increased damping power, better handling and improved improves the dissipation of thermal engergy outward senabling a high level of performance. The majority of vehicles, however use the twin-tube shock absorber.

The foundation for the impressive BILSTEIN company dates back as far as 1873 with a multiplicity of technical innovations that culminated in their entry into the automotive industry in 1928 with the production of the first chrome-plated bumper for mass-produced cars, then on to car jacks and finally in 1954 they took on the challenge of eliminating the vibrations caused by the conventional telescopic shock absorbers available at the time. They also wanted to concurrently produce a lighter damper that was capable of being fitted into any position and this would be no small undertaking. Finally in 1957 the effort and expense of this endeavor resulted in the production of the very first mono-tube gas pressure shock absorber for the Mercedes-Benz. The contribution to driving safety cannot be underestimated nor is the impact on the shock absorber industry where this technology is currently incorporated into all types of telescopic shock absorbers. The BILSTEIN name is synonymous with innovation and quality of product and this can be seen in the fact that all of the AM Mercedes in the DTM and more than half of all teams in the twenty-four hour race on the NURBURGRING house BILSTEIN accessories. The company doesn’t stop with technological excellence but wants to assure their products perform well on the road and on the track and in order to do that they implement an uncompromising testing program on both the NURBURGRING and the company’s test center in PAPENBURG. This is where their products are put to the true test by their own drivers who test the products on a multiplicity of driving situations and determine how balanced the driving characteristics of various vehicles are. The care taken in providing a product they can be proud of is the hallmark of the BILSTEIN Sport Shocks tradition for innovation and incomparable quality. When you are buying front and rear shocks for your Camaro or Firebird you can see from the above that you are getting a product that is superlative in every way. For more great products, check out these Koni Sport Shocks!

Find the BILSTEIN Sport shocks for your car at today and get a great product at a low price when you buy Bilstein shocks.


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Merkur

The MERKUR, though short-lived (from 1985 to 1989), has its own club, The MERKUR Club of America, for those who have an affinity for the car and are anxious to improve it for racing or street use and LMPERFORMANCE wants to help you get the parts you need for a better performing MERKUR whether it be a Scorpio or XR4Ti to upgrade your clutch and shocks.

When the power levels or temperatures experienced by your MERKUR Scorpio and your MERKUR XR4Ti clutch system exceed the levels at which the stock clutch disc can operate you need a performance clutch and this can occur when your clutch is getting excessive use and too much heat that over time will begin to fail to grab resulting in it only getting warmer. As the disc temperature rises, it works less and less, until finally failing. SPEC, the eminent manufacturer of street high performance and racing clutches and flywheels designs kits in Stage 1,2,2+, 3, and 3+ to Race Kits Stage 4 and 5 for different driving conditions whether it be every day driving or racing and there is one designed specifically for your MERKUR car. The materials in the SPEC clutch will outperform the material in your factory clutch because they use high quality materials like molded carbon KEVLAR based high performance lining or KEVLAR discs with steel backing for strength and durability. The clutch pressure plate will have a greater clamping force so that it generates more torque capacity than your stock pressure plates. The SPEC flywheel and flywheel friction plate for your MERKUR XR4Ti are designed for specific driving environments and your car's reaction to changing in rotational mass so they can be used for a variety of driving situations. The SPEC flywheel is manufactured from only the highest quality steel and aluminum and to a remarkable .001 machine tolerance for a flat seating surface, balance and optimal engine life and the Aluminum Flywheels are usually half the weight of stock steel flywheels enabling faster revving, less drag on the engine, and quicker response.

A working set of shocks successfully lessens the wear of your suspension, wheels, and tires and in situations -- such as racing or off road driving -- your MERKUR XR4Ti requires shocks that are built for significantly greater impact dampening. Upgrading your shocks can provide a variety of benefits, ranging from better vehicle stability, to improved control, and in some cases, a smoother ride. The KONI MERKUR XR4Ti Sport Yellow Shock is one of their specialties and this product focuses on exceptional road holding and handling besides giving a reasonable level of driving comfort and they can also be used with spring kits to lower a vehicle up to 35mm. The Koni Sport Yellow Shock has external rebound adjustment on most cars to offer you the ability to adjust the shocks to suit your driving pleasures and they can be rebuilt for custom vehicle setups. They come with a lifetime warranty because Koni knows they have manufactured a product you can trust.


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